As always there are many different theories about how the Jinn (or Djinn) came to be. There are some who believe they were born of a smokeless fire as written in the Koran, others feel they were originally nature spirits who were marginalised as other deities took greater precedence; either way the Jinn are a powerful group of spirits.

Alas, because they are a powerful group of spirits I often find a vast majority of people I come into contact with either have one of two notions – fear or greed.

Many of those who work with the occult covet these spirits. There are many books written on how to bind them to an object and get them to do your bidding time and time again. As always, there is a right way to do this and a wrong way to do this, you do not want to enslave a Jinn as they will ensure that there are repercussions. There are many objects on ebay/etsy/amazon that are being sold for hundreds of dollars because they have a Jinn attached who will make all your dreams come true.

This isn’t fucking Aladdin.

The idea of the Genie is a white washing of the Jinn. One of the things I adore about working with the Jinn is their freewill; they will help if they want to and if they don’t you need to accept it, unbind and move on. Or, quite frankly, they can fuck your life up.

The Jinn have a different set of morals than us and if you think about it our morals a thousand years ago are very different from our morals today, and these suckers are ancient. So if your ego or greed is out of whack, they will ensure you are put in your place.

And I thank them for this.

So….the Jinn are powerful – Check. They are different from humans – Check. We can’t control them – Check. Fire is involved in one of their origin stories – Check.

So OBVIOUSLY they must be Satan, right!?


This is the biggest misapprehension I find with the Jinn. They are not Demons and they are not inherently evil as the stories would have you believe. Honestly they remind me of people in that regard – there is a scale as to how good/bad we are and they are the same.

We have Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and the KKK. Even Mother Teresa used to withhold pain medication and treatment because she believed the suffering brought people closer to god, and that one is now a saint. (Thanks again, Vatican.)

I have found the Jinn to be naturally fiery which leads to those lower down in the hierarchy to be unpredictable and mischievous, but considering their herald from Arabia which is full of the fire element, this is hardly surprising.  The higher up the hierarchy you go the more stable I have found the fire to be.

The Jinn are very similar to the Fae in terms of acts they get blamed for  – changelings, eating baby’s, mental illness – and there are certain schools of thought that suggest they are one and the same.

Whilst the Fae are slowly making a comeback in our minds, the Jinn never left being regularly blamed for possessions, hauntings and murders; all of which are things the dead can do. Or indeed Angels. Or ‘Demons’. Or Gods. Or the Loa. Or Aliens….hoping you see my point. 😉

If raised in a Christian house – the devil gets the blame. If you live in a Muslim house – the Jinn get the blame. When usually it’s just a very angry dead person or land spirit.

I have come into contact with both mischievous Jinn and the more centered ones (good and bad is too simplistic) and I can honestly say they are a treat if you know what you are doing and they are treated in the right way.

 Don’t judge a whole ‘class’ of Spirit through one bad experience or through the propeganda out there. 

The Jinn make an easy scapegoat.