This is not the first time I have mentioned Baron Samedi in my blog as he makes himself know from time to time – generally with a warning or when I need the to take a more serious tone than I do when working with Papa Ghede.

Over the past month Baron Samedi has been coming up when I am reading for other people. He shows himself and indicates that he is willing to help for a price. Nothing comes for free right!?

I want to make it very clear that I am not a Vodouisant. I work with Voodou but I am not initiated, nor affiliated with any house. I was introduced to Voodou when Papa Ghede turned up outside my cabin and I found out who he was.

However this lack of a person-driven initiation hasn’t stopped the Loa/Lua/Lwa and the Ghede from approaching me, and quite frankly having a lot of fun at my expense.

For the people who The Baron showed up for I promised a down to earth post on my experiences of his character and a little information on how to work with him as I do.

When the Baron generally appears to me all time seems to stand still and he has an air that is both terrifying and full of granduer at the same time. This is not a spirit I makes jokes with, or swear around.  As mentioned, time seems to stand still, my heart feels like it ceases to beat and there is nothing but silence; no matter where I am or what I am doing.

Baron Samedi’s Veve

The first thing you should do with any spirit who you would like to work with is research. Read every piece you can on them, watch the Videos on YouTube, especially the Baron’s Festival on November 2nd (Fet Ghede) and look at the symbols and stories associated with the Spirit.

Baron Samedi is complcated and there are a number of sources who see him as as head of the Barons, other that state all the Barons are different aspects of him, others that suggest the same of Papa Ghede. Keep it simple.

When Baron Samedi has appeared to me he is very lean man with a skeletal face in a mourning suit, top hat and cane included. There are no eyeballs in his sockets and I have never actually seen his mouth move. Some believe he has cotton packed into his nostrils due to the burying practices in Haiti. His back is straight and he know how to look through you like no one else does.

He is married to Maman Brigitte who shares his fondness for victorian dress and his love of purple and black. I have found Maman to be just as ruthless as her husband.

Create an Altar including his Veve (symbol), cigars, Rum, strong black coffee, cigarettes etc and plan to build your relationship consciously on a Saturday. Samedi translates as Saturday and is named such because Saturday is the only day when Christ was truly dead, and even Jesus had to come before the Baron.

Bear in mind it would be rude to ask him for something outright. Build up you relationship with him, get his attention before you ask anything of him. When you do your offering must be great. I have found that I have not needed to hold of on my payment for Baron Samedi as he has always come through, however I work with other spirits where they are promised something special after their side of the bargin is fulfilled.

When spending time at your altar, drink and smoke, light his candles, play his songs, read about him whilst you are there. Whilst petitioning, if you feel him ‘come down’ or listening then ask him for what you need. Do not tell him, you ask and then show him what you are offering in return.

Make your altar personal, make your relationship with him personal. He is not simply a tool to be used.

Useful Information

Numbers: 3, 7, 21

Colours: Black, purple and sometimes red

Attributes: Coffins, skulls, skull and crossbones, shovel, grave, cross, black sunglasses

Issues for Baron Samedi: Business affairs, finances, ancestral knowledge, remove ghosts, aid those wanting to contact the dead, healing