I speak to a lot of people on a daily basis. Whether it be advising on a working, helping prevent an attachment or organising an exorcism, and one thing I hear often is…

“I hope this is my last go round (reincarnation), there is no way I am coming back here again.”

…whilst rolling their eyes, obviously.

Fuck that. I’ll come back for another go round. I’ll come back for YOUR go round.

We have the Blues, sex and the smell of cigar smoke. That feeling when your crush accidentally brushes your arm. The pride when you achieve something you never thought possible. The love you feel when you get home from a really bad day at work and your dog is so exicted to see you their whole body is wagging. The scent of your lover’s cologne on your pillow. Wine. A hug from your 2 year old. Laughter with friends. And that pinnacle of all feelings; it doesn’t get much better than this.

That moment. 

I love everyone of these things. I will bask in the teeniest flower making it through a crack in the pavement with the biggest smile on my face, “look at that little motherfucker making it.”

The Gods and spirit have none of this.

They are too far removed – imagine living thousands of years, things must get boring right!?  They don’t have the excitement, the anticipation, they don’t have anything new. Plus without adrenaline, how excited can they actually become?

This is one reason why possession occurs – they want to remember how it feels. Living. As macabre as it sounds, we could die at any moment, how thrilling do you think that is to someone who can’t die? 

Imagine never feeling touch. 

Don’t misunderstand me; life is hard. I don’t believe we go to hell when we die, I believe that we are actually in it.

Right now.

But at least there is the Blues, cigars and touch.

So as you are here, already in this body, use it to it’s fullest. Seek out what causes an emotional response, don’t just muddle through.

I would rather be in pain than that horrifc numb feeling that comes with depression. That void.

Go roll around on the grass, have a whiskey at lunch, play Backstreet Boys at full blast whilst heading towards your divorce hearing. Just fucking live.

We are lucky to be able to.