A Psychopomp is a spitiual being/someone who guides souls towards the afterlife, which may include protecting them from those who wish to keep the soul for themselves.

Spiritual Beings

In countless cultures around the world there are tales of those who greet you upon your passing and help you navigate to the afterlife. These figures range from Anubis to Azrael and are sometimes feared rather than viewed as a friend and ally who is helping you in the most important way.

They do not judge.

In many cultures that are close to nature and understand the role it plays in our lives, and indeed our deaths, psychopomps are animals or at least anthropomorphic. Whereas in Filipino culture it is believed that if you call out to your ancestors on your deathbed they will act as a psychopomp for you, which has beautifully fed through into Western beliefs.

If doing spiritual work yourself you will often find apsychopomp’s image following you as they will sometimes appear to let you know a big transition is about to happen in your life and that you are not alone.

Human Beings

There are many, many psychopomps all over the world helping the dead get to where they should be. Sometimes they call the work Soul Rescues, Death Walking or Transition Therapy, and I have no doubt there are at least another five names for it.

Human psychopomps tend to work with those who are stuck in the earth realm due to either a traumatic death, a traumatic life, a violent end or simply a fear of where they are going next. They are often Mediums who will simply open a door and the person will walk through greeted by whom ever is there, and it is one of the most beautiful things to witness.

Other times the soul doesn’t know it is dead and needs to be told or they feel they don’t deserve to move on and should stay stuck in pergatory (how they often view it) so a level of counselling is needed which can actually take a few days. They are still complex people after all.

End-of-Life Doulas

Different End-of-Life Doulas do different things. Some will care for the emotional and practical things going on around the persons death, some the physical, and some look more at the spiritual. Not all are psychopomps (or spiritual) as not all Clients believe in the soul or the benefit of having someone who your soul can talk to and trust to help you go towards the next phase once your body has gone.

On a personal level I would advise a psychopomp specifically for those who aren’t accepting of their passing, are holding on to a trauma in life, feel guilty or are in a location with some supernatural activity.

As for End-of-Life Doulas, everyone should have one of those.

The interesting thing is that the End-of-Life Doula would usually be with the Client as they pass whereas the Psychopomp doen’t have to be as they would ‘soul walk’ to be with you.¬†


If you have any queries about being or needing a Psychopomp please either fill out the contact form or send me a quick email to silver@wayward-soul.com