A month ago I was contacted by Steve who wanted a private reading on a situation that had occured 6 months ago but was still affecting him. He thought he was going a little mad.

He had wanted to learn Reiki for some time so when a bookshop in his neighbour put a up sign advertising a weekend course, he was the first to enroll.  When the day finally came around he could not have been more excited.

The first day went without a hitch and was mostly filled with meditations and the theory behind Reiki. Steve thoroughly enjoyed himself going for drinks with the other students after and really looking forward to getting started and having his attunements the next day. It was all falling into place.

Sunday morning Steve was first in line for his attunement and sat down with eyes closed and palms up ready and willing. When the teacher began Steve started to feel this ‘whurring’ inside of him, his head was spinning and he started to feel nauseous; not what he expected. 

When the teacher had finished attuning him Steve metioned his physical symptoms and his teacher simply told him that his Kundalini had probably risen (!?) as that happened all the time on her courses. To simply get a drink and it would ease off.

From this point onwards Steve’s life began to go downhill, professionally he was finding it hard to cope with the pace of his job which he’d once thrived on, had no vigour towards his friends or family and he constantly had low level physical compliants like colds, sore throat and was tired all the time. He had been diagnosed a month ago as suffering from depression with a side of paranoia attached (lovely doctor obviously). He felt constantly blocked at any changes he tried to make for the better and never felt good enough; he’d tried going to a spiritual shop for a cleanse but it hadn’t made a difference.

So here he was, on a Skype with me.

We discussed his issues going backwards from how he was feeling currently and what had been happening. Steve was refreshingly honest; with regards to the paranoia he said that he never felt alone and sometimes felt these disturbances in the air when he was alone. He had been having nightmares for months involving something hunting him, they featured locations from his everyday life and he said that simetimes he was having difficulty when looking back if an experience was part of a dream or his waking life. Things were getting blured.

When we came to discuss the Reiki Course Steve wasn’t full of blame, he simply felt that it was the starting point but was unsure why. Everyone had been really nice and seemed to know what they were talking about. He had felt safe there.

He began telling me about the Reiki Teacher and as soon as he said her name I felt a presence in the room with me, stood in the corner was a blonde lady with half her face missing where I think she was hoping to not be noticed. I let Steve contnue talking and watched to see what this presence was going to do – all the while my Allies are showing me images of what truly happened to Steve during the course and his attunement.

As soon as I stared at the entity in the corner  and called it out it began to try and illicit a reaction of fear from me. As a single woman in her 30’s we all know it is going to take more than this to make me ‘quake in my boots’ (especially after dating a politician). 😉 I told it that it was pathetic and of no consequence to me,  I found it’s eavesdropping to be pretty rude so to bugger off. It did.

God knows what poor Steve is thinking at this point.

Anyway….. Steve’s Reiki teacher isn’t all human. My allies showed and this entity confirmed that she was half and half and had been since childhood. What Steve had been told was his Kundalini rising was actually a portal being created that led to her collective. On a human conscious level she probably thought she WAS doing an attunement and was perfectly cleansed as she had saged herself.

Note: If an entity has integrated with you sage will not get rid of it. It’s a bitch.

What the other half was doing was creating these portals in people during the attunements and then locking them into place during the healing session that they did towards the end of the day. These portals were sucking all the energy from Steve and the others so no wonder the poor bloke couldn’t get a handle on anything; as soon as he would try to lift himself out of his depression they would take that energy too.

After 2 weeks of various steps Steve started to feel things changing within himself and his ‘paranoia’ (which was actually his intuition) was completely gone. He is feeling hopeful about the future and has maanged to reconnect with some of the friends he thought he’d lost through his ordeal.

I have since worked with two of his coursemates with the same problem.

With any type of energy or spiritual workshop just take a little note of how you feel before and after. If the work causes a energetic shift in you (positive) then it can feel like you have the flu for a couple of days but if it presists please take a closer look at the potential cause. Not all of these teachers cleanse or protect you or the teaching environment before beginning.

Also, anyone looking to learn Reiki please God make sure that they teach cleansing and protecting within the course, it is so so important.


Disclaimer: Names have been changed.