A week ago a rounded the corner into my lounge and Anubis was just stood there. He looked straight at me and then disappeared. ‘Nah..’ I said out loud to nobody in particular, maybe I was seeing things (yep I STILL do this) so just carried on with what I was doing.

An hour later writing away on my laptop I could feel a presence starting to build behind me, the hair on my neck stood on end.  I looked and it was Anubis again looking at me with his ‘seriously!?’ face.

Okay, okay.

He showed me parchment and a quill in my minds eye so knew he had a message for me which I have relayed in another blog post  – to read click here  – and after what he had to say I was a little dumbfounded. So I think I sat just staring out at the night for a good hour considering what it had all meant.

I crawled into bed that night and heard Anubis say ‘it is time’. I grabbed my headphones and blindfold and started a journey into another world where he was waiting with ceremonial bowls and a serious look upon his face.

I awoke the next day feeling sadder than I had for a long time. I sat with it for a while and could find no logical reason for this so figured that after the previous night with Anubis I was simply shedding some things that needed to go. 

I moped around, watched bad TV and drank my favourite bottle of Sauvignon Blanc just basking in my own energy, delightful or not.

The next day I was back to normal, pottered around all day trying to figure my life out (never going to happen) and was again seated back in my favourite spot in the kitchen typing away. I had been sat there since 3pm and the house had grown dark around me until I finally lit a candle next to the laptop to help my straining eyes.

My intuition pricked and I turned to look into the pitch black lounge and stood in the doorway not 2 feet from me was the wolf from my terrifying nightmares as a child. Only different. He stood the same height as the door frame on his hind legs, fur jet black and his energy was like he was ready for action but trying to contain himself. His vibration was gently humming. Then there was his garnet coloured eyes. 

My stone. The stone of my ancestors.

He felt like a soldier, the Alpha if part of a pack. 

No sooner had he appeared and made sure I saw him, he was gone.

What the fuck was going on around here. 

After I had managed to close my mouth and have a cohesive thought I tried to figure out what it meant. I had to prepare as something is coming.

Yesterday the Wolf appeared for a couple of seconds, like he just wanted me to know it wasn’t a one time thing.

Who knows where this guy is going to lead me, but when did I ever say no to a mystery…


I am very aware of the timing of all this happening. The Winter Solstice is right around the corner and I can feel the veil thinning. There have been random dead guys and dudes with huge horns peeking out from behind my shower curtain for a good few days so it’s only going to get a little crazier as we head towards the 21st.

Good luck and don’t forget to protect yourself.