So…picture the scene.

I arrive in Guanajuato, Mexico on Friday the 13th with a stunning little Casita lined up for two weeks and assurances that I would have no problem finding a place to live for 3 months. These assurances came from people who had actually done it – that was important to me.  I had also been given the details of a translator who could help me secure a property and was planning on hitting a language school five days a week for an initial burst of learning.  So I had it all figured out…

…which never works.

I met the translator the Monday after my arrival, I was so excited and his energy was absolutely horrific – if I had heckles they would’ve raised and I would’ve growled at him. I mentioned that I was English and my friend had passed on his details, he then screwed his face up and said maybe I should wait for his English friend Jack who tended bar there, he would be able to help better. What a peach.

Cue drinking tequila alone in a hotel bar for two hours.

After spending 20 minutes with Jack (who was pretty nice) I was informed there was no way I would find somewhere to live that didn’t come with a whole host of issues as I was a lone female, that neither he nor the creepy dude did translation work anymore and that language schools were a waste of time and money as they had a bad reputation and you didn’t learn much.

Well fuck.

Nowhere to live, no translator, no real way to learn Spanish. In Mexico all by myself.

(At this point I think it’s pertinent to mention that I don’t have a back up plan. I can’t just fly back to England because even then I have absolutely nowhere to go. All in baby.)

I had my final tequila, threw all my thanks at Jack and walked back to the Casita. Do you know what I did when I got there? I ranted at a friend down the phone, got a little angry at the schmucky translator and watched True Blood for 4 hours straight. I had absolute faith it would all work out but at that time I just needed to release what I thought was going to happen to make room for whatever the hell I was going to manage to pull out of the bag. I didn’t panic and I didn’t try to fix it.

I awoke the next day and felt strangely free. All bets were off and sometimes we need that. My intuition pinged; I reached for the laptop and began looking at housesits in Mexico and these things hadn’t been on my radar before.

As I scroll through the random listings I see one with a dog in the picture, and that dogs name was Zeus. Instantly I knew exactly what was going to happen and I heard this huge disembodied laugh coming from someone somewhere. With my dog that passed being called Thor they could not have given me a bigger or better sign. Love those hilarious bastardos.

After some emailing back and forth it was agreed I was the right girl for the dog and the housesit began in six weeks. That six week deadline was funny – it was the exact length of the course I had wanted to go on at one of the three language schools. I had another look and they had apartments that they rented out to students. I emailed, negotiated and had the course and an apartment set up within the day.

My plans needed to fail.

Since I have arranged to stay with Zeus I have had a supreme deity announce himself to me and he is strongly linked to Volcanoes; Zeus has three of these on his doorstep. I also had a different entity visit in London just before I moved here who is also linked to the Volcanoes (I had absolutely no clue). If my plans had not fallen apart I wouldn’t have gone down the right path and wouldn’t have had the amazing experiences I know are coming when I connect with these powerhouses. They are waiting for me and have been for some time.

As for Jack telling me school was a waste of money – you know what Jack – I have saved my butt off to get here and I put money aside for school, so it might not be for you but it sure is for me. That six week deadline pushed me into one of the schools I had put at the bottom of the pile where I have now made some amazing friends that I know I will keep for life.

Some people need the stability of plans being cemented and then not deviating from this. I used to be this way until my shadow side obliterated my life and I woke up. Since I have begun working closer with the Gods and my Ancestors I can’t make any kind of long term plans as they tend to have other ideas. 😉

My life is certainly not for everyone, but I think the Gypsy blood helps.

When the Tower Card strikes have a tequila, force nothing and just wait for the answer to present itself.

It always does.