I was exhausted.

It had been an emotional day filled with turmoil, pain and uncertainty. It got to 10.30 at night and I just didn’t want to be conscious any more so headed to bed with the hope of some oblivion.

As I lay there, my body starting to relax, I felt this huge energy start to envelop me. It started from the feet and worked it’s way up until I knew I had a face staring into mine. Whenever this starts to happen there is always an instinctive fear I have to quieten as it makes my head start to spin.

I knew it was a woman, not a random woman, but a spiritual Warden of sorts from the local area. I knew she needed help so agreed and then I was out cold.

The next thing my consciousness knew was I was stood outside of a house with snow in the yard, so I assume somewhere close to me. I looked up at the door and there was a lady stood there beckoning me in. She looked to be in her 50’s and was dressed in blue jeans and an Iron Maiden t-shirt. 

I liked her already.

She didn’t say a word to me as I followed her through the lounge into the kitchen and to the basement door; it always has to be the bloody basement. I expected her to open the door and for me to follow her but this was not the case. She simply stood looking at the door with eyes full of anguish.

Off I pop then.

I opened the door whilst saying a few prayers to my Allies and started making my way down the very dark stairs. I fumbled for a light switch but came upon nothing so just had to hope my ‘eyes’ would adjust.

When I turned the corner on the stairs I could see three very distinct gravestones a couple of feet from the last step; they created three sides of a square so that when I stepped off that final step I would be in the centre of them.

The silence and darkness was deafening.

As I stepped into the centre a spirit appeared behind each headstone; I was staring straight into the eyes of a fifteen year old girl. To her left was a boy around 7 years old who really reminded me of the street urchins from Charles Dickens’ “Oliver”, hat and all,  and to the right a blonde girl of about four years old.

They were siblings.

They had all died at different times but not more than a couple of months apart, and all of them communicated differently. Although the eldest stood as representative for them she was unable to speak so the boy ‘translated’ for me.

Their Mother’s grief and circumstances surrounding their deaths had caused them to get stuck. Although they died separately, due to their bond and complex emotions of guilt and loneliness, they waited for each other at the moment of passing so they could all be together. Valiant but sadly tragic.

Their graves were exactly where we were standing.

They had been under the impression that they were in heaven so when their Mother died and crossed over to the ‘other side’ they were absolutely distraught. They had waited a long time, and as soon as his wife had died their father moved, he couldn’t cope with the memories. 

All three looked at me very tentatively, trying to make sure they made a good impression on  me. That was very important to them; in their minds if they showed themselves as good children I would help.

Damn fucking right I would.

I stepped back onto the step and as I gestured with my arms a blue circle appeared on the floor where I had been stood between the graves. I nodded towards the children. 

They took hold of each others hands and stepped into the circle. The light raised up and engulfed them; then they were gone. There were daisies in their place and their gravestones started to crumble until there was nothing except the flowers.

I walked back up the stairs to where the rock ‘n’ roller was waiting for me, she simply smiled and then I woke up bolt upright in my bed.

Still feeling that energy that had engulfed me in the beginning.

 “Thank you” came from my left.