Every girl wants to see a haunted castle right!? Right!?

Driving innocently (cough cough) from Loch Rannoch to the west coast, I was suddenly struck with the word ‘Castle’ in my other vision. I had a quick google and sure enought there was one ten minutes from my destination; Finlarig Castle.

I knew nothing about the castle but was seriously praying to all that is holy, that it wasn’t a fuctioning castle but some ruins that I could walk around peacefully and do some good.

The holy things pulled it out of the bag.

Not only was it the ruins of Finlarig Castle but the ruins of it’s Mausoleum too. Haunted Castle anyone!?

The Castle had a few live people wandering around it so headed straight for the Mausoleum.

The Mausoleum has no roof and some of it’s internal walls have crumbled inward which means the rooms with the bodies have simply been filled in.

The remains are still there.

I clambered up the bricks and into the main part of the structure. It was filled with stunning green ferns, beautiful bright green moss and trees growing from each corner. Nature leaves nothing to waste.

As I stood there I was shown how it was in it’s day and, in particular, a small lady who used to keep the mausoleum in fresh flowers and ensure everything ran smoothly. This lady was in , out, in, out making trips from the castle on a daily basis.

Over the passage of time her feelings and demeanor changed dramatically from being busy and efficient to wistful and yearning.

She was in love.

Not with her husband though, but another woman who was married and family of the Clan, whereas she only worked for them.

The Mausoleum was where these two would meet to spend time together without prying eyes. 

However towards the end of what I was being shown this lady’s energy became frantic and filled with worry. Things were changing- were they seen?

For a final time she entered the space, full of nervousness and expectation, knowing they were leaving the castle. Leaving their lives.  Instead she found her own Husband, who simply shook his head with a look of sadness.

Her love had been lost forever and the Mausoleum was then forever soaked in her tears.


I made my way over to the castle and immediately heard a loud thud.

I. Hate. Thuds.

I took a deep breath.


Looked up and I saw a man falling from the top of the castle, face to the sky, and land havily on the mud beneath him. He didn’t flail around in mid air or make even the slightest noise. Just. Thud.

This wasn’t residual.

His soul was forever stuck in his traumatic death; replaying it over and over again. If there is a hell, this dude was stuck in it.

I snapped the soul out of it’s eternal loop and he was visibly really fcking confused. 

When I removed him from the loop it took him from the castle in his day and age into our time. So the home he had known was now suddenly in ruins and what on earth was I wearing? A woman in trousers!? 

First thing he asked no one in particualar was ‘why!?’. Spirit filled in the gaps.

His older brother had pushed him from the top with no warning. There had been no quarrel, no money owed, nothing. 

The reason Annde (Victims name) hadn’t flailed around midair was because he could not believe what was happening.

‘Why!? Had he not loved me?’

It was explained to me that Annde had seen something he shouldn’t have, which would have stopped his brother achieving his ambitions. Annde had no idea what he was supposed to know but if accidently mentioned, it would have put a stop on the eldest’s plans and meant banishment or death.

It felt very political.

He began to get very agitated and asked what I had done to the castle. ‘Where was everyone? Where was his brother?’

Before I could respond a lady stepped out from behind a tree dressed in all white and headed straight for Annde.

He looked so relieved and greeted her warmly before asking her what had happened to her colours (Clan Tartan). She smiled softly to him took his hand, which made him blush, and led him back to that tree where they both disappeared.

She took him home.


Along with these two souls there was a seven year old girl who had a favourite spot by the window waiting for her crush to return, a woman punished in front of the castle gates ordered begrudgingly by the Head of the Clan and a bunch of creepy guys in capes who came for vengeance.

Just a normal day at a Scottish Castle.