One of the type of readings I love doing the most is a Past Life Reading, and probably not for the reasons you would expect. They are intense, and I mean ‘I cry during most of them’ intense. I am privy to peoples highest points of joy, most depraved acts and their death; the important things in life.

…and let me tell you when I get show a glimpse of looking back no one is bothered about how much they weigh or what other people think of how they raise their kids.

In the past life was so much more simple. Cut throat, but simple.

Enter Dawn…

I did a reading for Dawn last week who wondered why she felt guilty about everything. Dawn had attended a Therapist for over a year but they just couldn’t get to the route of the problem. It was always gnawing away at her.

This meant all the decisions she made in her life were based on making other people happy and even then she felt guilt about maybe being too soft on her kids. Dawn was feeling empty and hated herself, she couldn’t get anything right and everything that went wrong in her families lives was her fault.

Her family didn’t mind so much, getting a bit of a ‘Get out of Jail Free Card’ for the kids.

In one of Dawn’s live she was fighting in the Crusades in the middle east swinging her sword every which way, not a knight but a leader of men. Well respected and admired from those who followed. He (she) fought for her faith as ordered by the Pope, and he was good at it.

A lot of time passed and he was still fighting, battle worn but enjoying the power and rush of victory it gave him; the men told stories of his sword play on the battlefield.

In the final battle they showed me Dawn entering some kind of fortress that the enemy had retreated to. Full of blood lust and exhilaration the Crusaders broke through their defences and slaughtered everyone inside including a room where many women and children were hiding. Each of them butchered.

Dawn was fighting the men of the compound but when it was over he saw a child’s foot sticking out of a doorway to his right. Time stopped as he walked towards the open doorway hoping he wouldn’t find what he knew he would.

The scene my Allies showed me was horrific, absolutely no words for what Dawn’s men had done to those who were simply hiding, trying to stay alive.

They were no threat.

It was at that exact moment Dawn knew. His world went completely silent as he walked out of that compound unnoticed, no thoughts or emotions whatsoever.  He never even looked back, fully aware the penalty for desertion was death.

A day later whilst on horseback  it all hit him all at once and he vomited, and vomited until there was nothing left and even then it tried. There were no tears,  just horror. Horror and guilt that he had spent ten years of his life slaughtering people for a corrupt Church.

God would not want this. Only the corrupt egos of man would order for innocents to be slain to take back a piece of land. There is nothing holy about this ‘holy war’ he had been fighting.

What had he done?

Everything had been taken from him, the man he thought he was, his purpose, his heart and his soul. There was nothing left.

So he just rode.

Eventually the Church caught up with him, put 2 arrows in his back and decapitated him.

He welcomed the release.

Back to Dawn…

All of this was relayed to Dawn in her video and everything clicked for her.

She now understood where this irrational guilt had come from, why she avoided conflict for most of her life and funnily enough she has worked at a Women’s Domestic Violence Centre for the last 10 years.

The guilt Dawn was carrying wasn’t her own, it was a hangover from her former life which was hindering her moving forward in this one. She was ready to try and change this.

I advised Dawn to seek out a recommended Past Life Regression Practitioner who specialised in breaking the bonds that need to be released. It was important for her to not just see a general PLP as when you break the bonds there can often be an emotional reaction so we needed to make sure she wasn’t sent on her merry way without any support.

Dawn attended the 3 hour session and the ripple effect in her life over quite a short period of time has been astounding. The family are now getting used to Dawn not being a doormat and she is ready to start asking for things for herself; a promotion, a better relationship and to hold her head high are now definitely on the cards.

Huge love to Dawn for following through.


*names have obviously been changed…her name was really Steve 😉

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