I had been saving the Museo de las Momias (Museum of the Mummies) until my energy was little more stable; after a bout of insomnia my body was vibrating at a level I wasn’t comfortable with. This meant I was having to rely more heavily on external ‘friends’ for my protection utilising symbols, crystals and resins more than I usually would. For me protection is something I have to be hot on, so if it isn’t spot on I will avoid places that will potentially have a higher level of activity.

Well, I have now slept two night in a row and awoke this morning with the Museum being the first thing on my mind, and with no School today the timing was perfect.

A recent friend and I had arranged to spend the day together. She had mentioned going to the Museum before so after a few Coffees we jumped in a cab and made our way through the streets of Guanajuato to visit the Dead.

I was unsure how I felt about the whole thing.  Corpses being displayed in sterile cabinets for people to gawp at and potentially mock felt completely alien. I am aware that the soul is no longer attached (and they weren’t) but wasn’t it a little grotesque and exploitative? Would I want people staring at my dried out flesh? But then again, I’m dead so why would I care? Maybe it’s the well embedded English girl in me rising… In England we run from dead bodies, rather than stare at them from behind perspex.

Anyway…back to the matter in hand….

The museum actually hums. As the taxi got closer and closer to our destination I could feel the death current becoming stronger; my body progressively started to relax the closer we got. I checked in with my Allies to ensure all was good and was greeted by Anpu (Anubis) which really surprised me. I was in Mexico, not Egypt, and Mictlantecuhtli (Aztec God of the Underworld) had already made himself known to me. Two minutes later it clicked, I actually laughed out loud – of course it was Anpu, I was going to be surrounded by bodies not souls.  Mictlantecuhtli cares nothing for the bodies, he’s got enough to do. I got the all clear to enter on an energetic level and an ethical one.

As soon as you enter the Museum you are met by a very narrow corridor with a floor to ceiling display case on the left and within this case are the mummified corpses elegantly positioned upright; some clothed, some not. The majority of their faces hold an expression of terror, frozen in a silent scream as their facial muscles tighten after death. 

It was as I entered this corridor I was hit with the full force of the current emanating from the site, I took a big sigh of relief and it felt like coming home as my whole body relaxed. Anpu instructed me to walk the halls with the energy centres in my hands open; I smiled at this as my hands had been cramping up all morning. I let my friend lead the way and seriously idled behind trying to look casual.

I snapped into my third eye and saw that the fourth Lady along had a murky red energy radiating from her pelvis, her other friends were simply surrounded by clear energy.  My intuition said it was OK to clear the energy and that was one of the reasons I was here, so I asked to be shown the best way. As I was in the middle of asking a rather large ‘being’ carrying a spear appeared and made it very apparent I was on his territory and only because he was allowing it. He was guarding these remains and their energies from being used or tampered with by external forces. He was very, very old.

He stalked straight up to me, not 3 inches from my face, and then took my mind to the event where this red energy was created. I saw this lady not long after her death, in a very different time. 

He asked me to heal the act that had caused this as it has troubled him for sometime. He was their keeper but he couldn’t interfere.  The energy attached to this lady was acting like a low level beacon to entities that would attempt to feed from it and sometimes these entities can be useful (similar to vultures) but these were not. The situation needed to end.

It was all such a contrast. On one hand I am stood in a museum looking at this lady, her skin completely dry and full of holes, her face distorted in an expression of terror, teeth bared and eye sockets empty surrounded by glass and spotlights. On the other I am having a wordless conversation with a man who loves and protects each one of these people as though they were still alive.  The museum was like the desert and the Guardian, the flood.  

I healed the situation that caused the redness at its source and the Guardian immediately stepped aside, and slightly bowed his head in thanks.

I continued around the museum unsure of what else I would find, the Guardian had been doing his job well, it felt peaceful. He let me know that the site was also regularly blessed by humans and he was thankful for that.

The only other energy signature I found was that of a Mother and her child.  In this world the Mother died whilst 6 months pregnant. Her death had been slow as her body couldn’t sustain the pregnancy; they both perished. I saw the Lady in her spiritual form holding her child, standing in front of their remains with a peaceful look upon her face. She had visited worried that her child’s body was alone, and was so happy that her and her child were together in death. In front of the case she had met with the Guardian who explained that he would keep the both safe from harm and together forever.

Even now writing this, I can feel the depth of her love for her child and the gratitude she felt for his protection. His love.

As my friend and I reached the exit of the Museum Anpu appeared again and motioned for me to turn around. As I turned my clothes switched into beautiful Egyptian robes and I saw that I had left a trail of deep red rose petals on the museum floor. I have never seen anything quite like it. 

They had been falling from my hands the entire time.