True Story with a change in Names & Location.

I had just put the phone down following a conversation regarding a family in North Carolina who were having a spot of bother. There had been spiritual activity around the family for ten years but recently it had reached a whole new level. 

The initial activity seemed innocent enough and came in the form of a child trapped in this realm after death.  She appeared to just want a little bit of company from the Grandmother of the family who lived on her own at the time, so Grandma said she could stay.  Mildred (AKA ghost child) could be heard playing regularly and the Grandmother saw her from time to time. Not too shabby.

As with most children, when Mildred thought she was being ignored, she began to play up. When the Grandma didn’t fall in line Mildred retaliated in the way ghosts do. 

One beautiful Friday morning Grandma woke up feeling a little groggy and strangely heavy, but she put it down to just getting old. She dragged herself out of bed to quieten the rumblings in her stomach, and get a much needed cup of coffee. Passing the couch she caught her leg on the armrest and it hurt more than it should. 

Grandma sat down to have a quick look at what she suspected was going to be a doozy of a mosquito bite, when she lifted the hem of her nightie she saw teeth marks. Actual teeth. Human teeth. 

When you look at the size of the bite mark there is no mistaking it, Mildred had to have done it. Mildred wasn’t a young child when she had passed, she was around 10 years old; the injury was not a small one.

Grandma told Mildred off but then felt a twinge of guilt.

Had she neglected her so badly she felt the need to do something so rash, so blatant. Grandma began to blame herself and gave Mildred more attention and even bought her a couple of things from the local flea market. Normality resumed.

Fast forward five years and Grandma, her son and his four kids, moved in together.  She couldn’t abandon Mildred so she invited her to come too; one big random happy family.

As soon as they all moved onto the new property the eldest’s clairvoyance popped open and she would see the occasional spirit walking through the lounge or washing their clothes on the bank of the neighbouring stream. Mildred introduced herself to the girl and they became firm friends, within a week Mildred was also playing with the youngest of the kids.

The Dad then remarried and his wife, along with her two children, moved into the small three bedroom house.

Things changed. The activity began to increase and the spirits that were appearing weren’t coming with the best of intentions. There were shadow figures, creatures and poltergeist activity that mainly focused on the eldest but everyone was getting pushed, slapped, there was a huge amount of tension and constant arguing.

Then it happened again. The two youngest children awoke with bite marks on their face.

I was contacted a week later.


After the conversation I ascertained that nothing else that violent had happened since and I agreed to help as soon as I could. I took this call just before leaving to spend a couple of days with a friend and my wonderful god kids, but I gave some advice and promised I would exorcise what was causing the issues as soon as I returned.

 I drove up to Northampton, spent some time herding the kids before having a catch up with a friend in front of some innocuous TV shows.

I woke the following morning with a searing pain running though my shoulder blade. It felt like something was impaled and was reaching deeper and deeper. I just thought I was getting old and ran through my mind to see if I could remember hitting myself on anything. Nothing.

I hung around all day living a life like most people do. Playing, eating, watching romcoms, going to the store; all that ‘normal person’ jazz that always seems to have an overture in my usual life. The pain was getting worse as the day wore on.

The following morning I took a look in the mirror and there was a deep, dark bruise – I questioned my friend if I had fallen on a radiator or anything and had simply forgotten. We were both really confused.

I headed home via a friend of mine who is a Medium (my Bobby Singer) to pick something up. The first words out of her mouth were “who’s finger is in your back?”, and then it all came rushing back. My allies showed what looked like the Grim Reapers hand grabbing onto my shoulder but only getting a finger on there. They showed me the photo’s of the house in North Carolina and all the information came flooding back.

The bastard had literally given me amnesia – first for everything. Whilst his influence was on me, the case was all still fuzzy. As soon as my Bobby dissolved the finger, the case because more real, more pertinent.

The next day I called upon an Ally and we ‘travelled’ to North Carolina so I could face whatever this was.

I did. I stared it straight in the face. I conquered.

 We cleared out the rest of the house and I had to call Mildred. She ignored me. I commanded her to attend my presence and when she did Mildred was no child. I work within the Quimbanda system and I would call this thing a Kiumba; it was a human but his soul was so degraded upon death he morphed to show his true intent.

Mildred was actually a guy who died in his late 30’s with a penchant for abusing the vulnerable; both physically and sexually. They were the most easily terrified and they made him feel the power he craved. He was certainly a sociopath in life, it was shown that his lack of impulse control and inability to think strategically, is what got him killed. Which means my friends, unfortunately he had learned from that in death.

He isn’t around anymore…


A week later I took a picture of the four inch bruise that was still a nice little reminder.

This is the first time I have had physical markings when I haven’t been at the scene. People often look at me funny when I explain that a lot of spirits aren’t location bound, or aren’t bound to anything at all. Not a person, not a doll, nothing. They will feed as they go and will often pitch up somewhere it is easy pickings. 

In this case the ‘Grim Reaper’ entity was clearly trying to ensure I didn’t remember a thing about the case so he, ‘Mildred’ and the others could continue feasting on the family.

Thank god for Bobby.


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You are not alone.