When I arived in Colima, Mexico I was pretty ill.

I had fainted twice on the journey from Guadalajara but just had to get through the next 24 hours and then I could relax a little and start focusing on gettting myself back to normal.

I was here to housesit and look after a dog, 2 cats and a bunch of turtles so was shown the ropes by the owner and then thankfully he went out for the evening and left me in the house alone.

I sat in the lounge watching a documentary, twilight came and went, and the next thing you know I see something out of the corner of my eye. All my heckles went up but the animals were non plussed. I used my perpherial vision and saw the silhouette behind a tree in the garden looking in; about 20 foot away.

I am very aware that sometimes when I visit a location all sorts of things will come out of the woodwork to see who/what I am, and then they simply leave again. Just because you are dead, doesnt mean you aren’t nosey apparently. So for the first 24 hours in a place if a ghost/spirit/entity shows up I tend to ignore it unless it engages with me, 50% of the time they just leave again.

So I ignored this dude and hoped he just kind of wandered off.

The next day the owner of the house left and I could breath a sigh of relief. Just me, my temporary furries and 4 turtles. I had been instructed to leave the patio doors open all night (I know, I know) so if the pooch wanted to go to the bathroom in the midle of the night he could. At 2am I needed a drink, walked through the lounge to the kitchen and saw the shadow sliding through the patio doors. All kinds of ‘nope’ reverberated through me, this thing moved in a way that I didn’t appreciate.

So I did what any good English Woman does at 2am when something thinks it can come in her house, shouted in its god damn face until it left. It was taken a back with the fact I could see it and didn’t really know what to do so left pretty sharpish.

I shut the doors, got my water and went back to bed and slept like a baby. If it entered and left through an open door the liklihood was it randomly couldn’t move through walls. And quite frankly I was too ill to care.

The next morning I called to whatever is was and met it in a different dimension than this one. It couldn’t talk but showed me images of it being created by a tribe during times of war. It was a scout that was sent to other camps to gleam their secrets and bring them back to it’s creators. If necessary it would then take actions as directed. It didn’t have a soul but did have a consciousness.

It used to have a very definite purpose and was now feeling very lost as had no instruction. It somehow knew that it’s creators had passed and had just been wandering keeping tabs on things ever since because it simply didn’t know what else to do.

It was very primal, focused and if I had to describe it I would say it’s energy felt like a deadly knife edge waiting to be utilised. It needed to hunt but it wasn’t. It wasn’t a direct threat to me but was like a rattlesnake begging to bite someone.

There was a pregnant pause and it showed itself kneeling before me, asking if it could serve me. It showed me it could bring me things, not just secrets.

What was a girl to do….

I sat with it for 24 hours. I felt sad that this entity had been created and just left, like a soldier with nothing to do after the war. It didn’t have the ability to kill itself and it felt inherently wrong for me to do that as it had the essence of another in it.

…and let’s face it spiritual supplies for protection and psychopomp work aren’t cheap. 😉

I came up with a plan.

I called upon ‘the dude’ and asked him to keep tabs on and protect any stray animals in the area. If they were met with physical violence from a human he was to act appropriately and for this I would leave him offerings whilst here and intermittantly whilst elsewhere in the world.

He agreed and left.


I have been here for 2 months now and the animals in the area are putting on weight so I think he is doing more than I could even dream of and I thank him from the bottom of my heart.