Soul Work

Navigating the depths of our being.


Souls are rarely spoken about in modern society, and certainly not understood to be the complex fellows that they are; we take them for granted and it shows.

If your soul is not all in one piece, damaged or bound the consequences on your life and how you feel are huge. They range from never achieving anything to long term depression, from always grieving some ‘unknown’ to addiction.

The worst is when part of your soul gets stuck in a traumatic even that replays; you suffer from repeated nightmares, cannot stop thinking about what happened and can’t move on.

It isn’t bad programming on your part, you aren’t being dramatic and it isn’t a choice- you are literally stuck in time.

Our Power is another tangible part of us, that if taken or given away, has massive effects on how those around us treat us and the opportunities you are offered in life.

If you are invisible, a door mat always apologising for yourself, people begin to expect it and treat you accordingly. Thus begins the vicious cycle of things never getting better, your life never changing.

Retrieving is allows for success, healthy relationships, a happy love life and the faith in yourself that you can achieve anything you want.

You deserve it all.

In the Lap of the Gods

‘In the Lap of the Gods’ is the true story of Silver, an English girl, and her Allies, the Gods. It begins at the point of Silver’s spiritual breakthrough where denial was no longer an option, and follows her journey through varying worlds and the lessons they brought with them.

The Myths are real.


Moving on the Dead in the U.S.

The true accounts of Silver who left the English shores and headed for America with the single purpose of releasing trapped souls and ridding this world of malevolent entities.

Travelling alone in her mini-van she encountered the good, the bad and the, most definitely, ugly spirits from across the fifty states of America.

From caves to homes, forests to bars, the dead are indeed everywhere.

Silver’s Blog