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20 min or 30 min Video Reading

Sometimes we just need a little guidance in life; which direction to go or some help in understanding something from our past.  Using Tarot cards and messages from your Guides, Silver brings insight into current challenges and clarity to situations around you.


Past Life Reading

Sometimes it is helpful knowing what previous experiences we have had in this world, especially if there is something about yourself that you don’t understand or feel blocked and unsure why.

Whether you were a starving farmer,  or a soldier on the Spanish Armada – they all leave their shadows.


In-depth Video Reading

The In-Depth Video Reading offers the same insights as the 30 minute Video Reading with simply more depth. It allows for questions to be answered in their entirety with timings and expectations.

Whether it’s love, spiritual journey, work or family, Silver, the cards and her Allies will bring you the answers that you seek, along with maybe a message from whomever stops by.


Silver’s approach…

Medium, Clairvoyant, Walker of Worlds

Silver has been working with Spirit since she was a young girl and has been passing on ‘messages’ since her teenage years. Those who had passed and Silver’s Allies talk to her in a number of ways usually involving clairvoyance, clair-sentience, clair-cognizance, symbology and sometimes they simply turn up in the room. 

Silver also employs Tarot Cards and ‘inspired’ writing depending on the Spirits and Guides involved.

Location Haunting

Are there signs of activity in your home? Feelings of being watched, shadows out of the corner of your eye and feeling tired all the time?

Personal Haunting

Sometimes it is not the building that is haunted but the individual. If the activity continues after moving house or away from the location, this is the case.

Spiritual Development

Do you want to develop your own gifts? Silver offers Webinars, Online Circles and Personal Development Readings.

Uncomfortable in your own home?

Our homes are supposed to be our sanctuary’s away from the rest of the world but when yours has been invaded by a dark, often invisible force, then nowhere feels safe.

Silver has a wealth of experience ridding people and homes of unwanted entities all over the globe. Whether it is a step-by step guide you need or for Silver to attend in person please click on the button below and organise a consultation.

Advice Service

Whether you are dealing with a run of bad luck, are unsure how to bless your house or simply want to know how to cleanse yourself properly Silver offers an email Advice Service that can help.

 Sometimes you just need that clarification, sometimes you don’t know where to start. Silver will use her expert knowledge and vast experience to give you the answers that you need.

Via an email exchange Silver will find out your needs and give you a step-by-step guide of what it is you need to do; if a video is required so that will also be included. 


Depending on the severity of this situation the response will be between 12 – 72 hours; obviously the more urgent the problem the quicker the response from Silver.

In the Lap of the Gods – ebook

‘In the Lap of the Gods’ is the true story of Silver, an English girl, and her Allies, the Gods. It begins at the point of Silver’s spiritual breakthrough where denial was no longer an option, and follows her journey through varying worlds and the lessons they brought with them.


“An absolutely fascinating, terrifying, emotional and honest account of Silver’s
experiences through her spiritual journey. Her vivid descriptions allowed me to picture things I couldn’t have imagined in a million years. Impossible to put down once started. I loved every word.” – Z Taylor

“Vivid imagery, gentle guidance and insight into the world unseen. It’s not often we get taken on a journey and shown how the other realms make themselves known, this book is special. Written is a heart felt and human view, I found Silver relatable and so interesting. We worth a read for anyone with an interest in the super natural. Just gorgeous!” – L Reeves