As if all our spiritual paths aren’t complicated enough, people tend to use different words for the same things. If I got a group of people who were spiritually practicing and asked them to describe themselves some would use psychic, sensitive, empath, intuitive and medium, and mean the exact same thing.

I know I do it through laziness (tsk, tsk Silver).

I might regret this later but…from my point of view there are differences.

Medium – Able to see, hear, feel the dead in every day life and communicate with them to a certain end. In certain locations everyone will feel the dead due to the energy that resides there but not everyone has this when chopping vegetables in the kitchen. Medium also refers specifically to the Dead, not darlings in other realms such as Fae, Gods or Unicorns.

Empath – You are a sponge for live peoples emotions, illness and energy. This has nothing to do with the dead and quite frankly can be a bit of a bitch. A psychic can feel others energy but it stays external to them, an empath (unless disciplined) sucks this energy up and takes it on. This would be fine if we all lived in bubbles. There are many people claiming to be empaths who are not, we’ve all met them. Martyrs to the end.

Psychic – We are all psychic.; very last one of us. That feeling when you know someone is standing too close, sometimes we all know things, all had deja vu at least once. Those who regularly cleanse and strive to strip the layers of conditioning put on us as we grow up are more attuned. The more true to your soul you are, the more you can hear you extra sense.

Intuitive – Work from a place of intuition and the subconscious. I feel our intuition stems largely from our higher selves being in closer contact. This has nothing to do with the dead or emotions and I love these guys as these tend to be the happiest people as they tend to have a lot of faith.

Sensitive – Some use this to describe their ‘psychicness’ and in it’s simplest form would be someone who is sensitive to energies. Some Mediums describe themselves this way.

If describing yourself find something that fits and just role with it and if you meet someone who describes themselves as one of these dig a little deeper and ask what they mean.

I have an problem finding a word for me as I’m weird and I don’t like the ones out there so I use sensitive, which is a total cop out.  Some people will avoid using Medium (my hand is raised) as anyone you meet then asks the exceptionally rude question ‘who’s around me!?’ – what am I a performing monkey!? Or can become very aggressive about their beliefs when in reality you just experience the world differently.

Find what feels comfortable and use it. We are all just winging it anyway.