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Silver’s House of Spiritual Development

Sometimes we know we need to take that next step and develop our Spiritual Gifts but the resources aren’t always available to us; especially if you are based somewhere rural or the population isn’t very open minded.

Silver’s House is a safe place for all; especially those whose path might seem a little unorthodox to others. As the 28 year old who had a Vodou Spirit dancing around her kitchen in up-market Surrey, England – Silver gets unorthodox.

Silver’s is a House of Neutrality, so people and Spirits are looked at with truth and integrity not what the dogma tells us to believe.

We look a little deeper.

In the Lap of the Gods

‘In the Lap of the Gods’ is the true story of Silver, an English girl, and her Allies, the Gods. It begins at the point of Silver’s spiritual breakthrough where denial was no longer an option, and follows her journey through varying worlds and the lessons they brought with them.


“An absolutely fascinating, terrifying, emotional and honest account of Silver’s
experiences through her spiritual journey. Her vivid descriptions allowed me to picture things I couldn’t have imagined in a million years. Impossible to put down once started. I loved every word.” – Z Taylor

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