Soul Retrieval



The loss of parts of your soul can be debilitating.

Through trauma at some time in your life part of you just gets up and decides it doesn’t want to be here anymore and wanders off into another realm to seek solace and avoid what is happening. These traumas could be the loss of a parent, every kind of abuse, witness to violence, severe humiliation, a car accident, natural disasters, medical trauma and any other situation where you find yourself saying to yourself ‘I don’t want to be here anymore’.

And then part of you isn’t.

One of the main symptoms of Soul Loss is feeling that void within yourself, a knowing that something is missing. You try hard to fill it with other things such as drinking, hobbies, having children, pets, possessions maybe even leading to hoarding and addiction because nothing makes you feel whole.

It’s a dark place to be in when you don’t know what the solution is.

Other symptoms include recurring nightmares, depression, self esteem issues, feeling stuck in a particular situation and unable to move on (tends to be the source trauma), numbness and just tired with life. Tired on a soul level.

Silver and her Allies have a look to see if indeed Soul Loss is an issue and if it is, they travel to that other realm and track it down. If it is willing, they bring it back and integrate it back into the whole so you are one again.

There are often things you need to do in preparation for this which Silver will pass on as instructed and after the integration has taken place you will receive a full report on what has transpired and anything further you need to do.

An example of things you might need to do is if your soul part was lost during childhood Silver might ask you to spend the days after the integration doing things your childhood self would have loved and avoiding alcohol.

If a Soul Part was lost as an adult and you are in the exact same situation and you haven’t walked forward in your healing the part might simply refuse to return. If they do not feel safe being in this world it makes sense for them to stay hidden.

Every single case of Soul Loss is different – sometimes it’s a simply track and talk, sometimes they are being held by another, sometimes there are multiple pieces from multiple traumas.

It’s a very complex and delicate procedure.

If you are having symptoms that suggest you are suffering Soul Loss please email or head over to the Contact Form and let Silver know what you are experiencing.

Silver will then respond to your email within 48 hours and you can discuss the best course of action.