1 hour Skype Development Session




Whether you want a regular private session involving guided meditation, need to have a discussion and ask a multitude of questions or you simply want advice Silver can cram a lot into an hour.

Silver has a vast experience dealing with different kinds of medicines and spirits; working with Gods in different pantheons entails following the various paths they represent. Solving issues in the most efficient practical manner.

If you wish this hour to involve guided meditations please email Silver@wayward-soul.com or use the Contact Form so they can be prepared in advance. These can range from meditations to develop your mediumship to meeting a particular deity to looking at a situation that needs healing.

If you have attended my Development Circles in the past please contact me before purchasing this.

Discounts will be given for regular sessions.

N.B Whilst there will be elements of discussion with the Spirits this is not a Reading – I will not be telling you about future events.