Retrieval of Power




NB: This is not a Power Animal Retrieval.

Through events that happen in our lives, either power can be forcibly taken from us or we give it away due to conditioning. Bit by bit. Day by day. The giving it away tend to happen through interactions with other people, always saying yes when we want to say no, always giving and never taking, not sticking to any boundaries you put in place. The former tends to be either a single traumatic event or a succession of events in your younger years.

You power is vital in effecting your life and making changes to get you to where you want to be. Power allows for you to stand up for yourself, for your children, for others. Power feeds your self esteem and your confidence. It gets you that promotion and is the force behind you forging ahead. It quashes doubts, anxieties, fears, people pleasing, constantly apologising for yourself, and it finally lets you take up space.

It ensures you are counted.

Without it you often find people treat you differently and you are often taken advantage of, manipulated, surrounded by drama, spoken down too and it’s as though your wants and needs don’t count for anything.

Like you don’t count for anything.

Silver and her Allies travel to different realms and reclaim what has been lost. Piece by piece they retrieve your power before integrating it back within your energy fields.

There is no point having a Power Retrieval if you aren’t willing to defend it once it is back. Once you are whole again, you feel stronger and able to take control of your life again, those who have been taking advantage will not like this so you will have to defend yourself. Be prepared for that.

But if you are ready, once booked Silver will send you an email within 48 hours confirming your next steps.

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