Hex & Working Removal (Uncrossing)



As we all know, not every person in the world reacts to a situation from a place of maturity and fairness. There are some, who when in a position where things aren’t going their way and their feelings or ego are hurt, they lash out and perform (or pay someone to perform) binding, hex or crossing work.

Examples of workings Silver has dealt with:

  • Unbinding people from their partners so they are free to leave
  • Hexes sent by ex-partners
  • Workings to ensure business failure
  • Hexes to break up relationships
  • Misfortune Working
  • Financial Ruin Work.
  • A Crossing to ensure you do not find love
  • ‘Keep a dog down’ Hex

Some times we just KNOW that something has been done, that there is something in the way of us achieving what we want. It can go as far as not understanding where sudden feelings have come from or why all of a sudden you cannot get a handle on your life.

Get yourself back in the driving seat again and cut them out.

For sure.


In very rare instances, quite frankly, the Hexes are completely justified. In this instance a full refund will be given.

If a long termĀ Curse is your problem send Silver an email to discuss the process as these bad boys can mean a walk through worlds.

Silver@wayward-soul.com or fill out the Contact Me form.