Haunting Advice



If you are having issues with the Supernatural in your home (or personally) that are leaving you feeling unsafe and overwhelmed Silver offers an Haunting Advice Service for if you would like to deal with it on your own.  You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to complete the procedure necessary to lessen the activity in your home.

Examples of regular advice given is:

  • How to cleanse my house after a haunting?
  • How do I protect myself and my family when sleeping?
  • How can I stop Spirits invading my dreams?
  • How can I stop hearing & seeing Spirits when I don’t want to?
  • I think my child is clairvoyant- what can I do?

Once payment is made Silver email you to discuss the issues you are having and look at getting you back to a safe, empowered space.

Please note: For this service Silver will not have any contact with the Spirits bothering you, nor work remotely on your behalf. For that service please email Silver directly at silver@wayward-soul.com or fill out the ‘Contact Me’ Form.

If it is found that Silver needs to directly exorcise the Spirit(s) for a person or location the cost of the Haunting Advice Service is deducted from the Exorcism.