Personal Spirit Release or Exorcism


When you are the subject of an attachment, spirit or entity and they have either attached to your energy field or you are now in a state of oppression where they basically try and move into your meat suit; it’s a very strange, alienating process to go through.

They tend to start off subtly, maybe a little more anxious than normal, can’t get yourself out of that funk or just drinking more alcohol than normal. If it’s an attachment (parasite) they tend to literally suck the life force out of you and impact your health both mental and physical, whereas things that are more conscious tend to go full blown for paranoia, voices and black outs.

Every single case is different. From how the attachment or spirit is picked up, to the symptoms, to the spirit’s end game.¬† That’s why there is no cure-all.

98% of the time Silver does this work remotely as it is easier to deal with the ‘extra passengers’ in their world rather than ours. This also allows for far less trauma for you.

There may be additional instructions for you to complete such as a cleanse of your environment which Silver will take you through step by step.

If you are having symptoms that suggest you have an attachment, spirit, entity or something else that is with you 24 hours a day please email or head over to the Contact Form and let Silver know what you are experiencing.

Silver will then respond to your email within 48 hours and you can discuss the best course of action as every case is different.

Don’t delay, get the help you need to be able to live, not just exist.

This doesn’t end well if you don’t.