Development Reading




Our own spiritual development can be very overwhelming especially when there are multiple websites suggesting completely different things. Not having someone experienced to guide and advise can cause you to feel like you are clambering along in the dark.

Whether clairvoyant, an experienced lucid dreamer or an energy healer, sometimes knowing how to take that next step can be tricky.

Silver offers Development Readings where she talks to her Allies and your Guides to see what direction they are leading you in. Silver is very fortunate in that she works with the Gods, Fae, Realms, Animal Spirits and most things with a ‘Spirit’ so is well versed in the do’s and don’ts. She can help you make sense of your experiences be it good or bad.

It can be very confusing when your spiritual path doesn’t fit in with normal people’s but we all have different callings.

Don’t shy away from yours.

The reading lasts 30 minutes and is a Video sent to you via a YouTube link.