When we talk about Power Loss in an indigenous medicine context we are talking about losing your Guardian Spirit; your protector. They guard our spiritual health.

For example: you work in a job that you hate, your boss is demeaning, the pay is awful and you are often expected to do things that are way above your pay grade. You have thoughts and feelings about this; fear, anger, underappreciated, frustration, disappointment and desperation. None of them are good.

Throughout work you internalise these emotions along with the thoughts that accompany them so you become a walking toxic environment. What we should be releasing gets turned back onto ourselves. 

The same can happen if you are regularly in emotionally charged environments, you start to absorb the energy around you until you become a part of it and again, rather than release it you hold onto it smothering your inner ‘gold’, becoming toxic. I regularly hear the phrase “he was fine until he started that job” or “she changed after moving in with…”.

These spiritual intrusions make it so your guardian spirit/power/spirit guide leaves. They cannot cope with the environment. Once they leave there is a void and we all know what the universe likes to do with voids…..and it is not going to be filling yours with hearts and flowers. That is not what you will be attracting.

So you are on your own full of nasty energy (some yours, some not) attracting more of the same, no wonder you might be feeling depressed, suicidal, full of self loathing,  like the bad luck just keeps coming and suffering from chronic illnesses.

Someone like Silver can work with her allies and tap into your energy field and see what is going on. There are usually layers of intrusions that need attending to along with past traumas that haven’t fully healed. The healer can then retrieve your Guardian Spirit and share with you the medicine or personality traits they will bring into your life.

For example if your guardian spirit is Odin he will bring wisdom, groundedness, leadership and a little trickster energy into your life. Through you.

A snake; transmutation, healing, kundalini energy, adaptability and so on.

You will often find that the traits of the Spirit you are reconnected with are exactly what is missing from your life and you can walk forward feeling whole, with a confidence you had forgotten you were capable of.