Shuyet and I happened upon Smoo Cave, Durness in the Highlands earlier this week. The weather got pretty bad and Durness was the nearest place to pull over for the night.

Whilst out walking in the rain and 35mph winds we saw the signs for Smoo Cave and decided to head down the side of the cliff just as night was approaching.

As soon as my feet hit the ground at the bottom of the cliffs and I saw the cave the air around us changed. This was a place of power, huge power. A place where the dead resided, land spirits called home, exchanges were made. and realms collided.

Shuyet, as a doberman, is a dumbass and continually runs off. For the first time I saw why my Allies had put us together as his entire demeanor changed and he continually circled me as we headed into the opening of the cave. It was as though we had stepped into a completely different world ergo I got a completely different dog.

There were two uplighters so it wasn’t pitch black yet. However we knew we were on borrowed time before the timer turned them off.

In the image above, if you cross that bridge there is a very, VERY, powerful waterfall. Shuyet got halfway across and refused to go any further, and I could completely understand why.

There was something big that lived in there, it’s head as big as I was. The energy felt very much like a dragon  – primordial, fierce and territorial – so we nodded, I put a shiney stone I had before me and we left that part of the cave.

I stood and absorbed the energy that was surrounding us; terrifying and potent. Never have I felt a place like this.

We will go back.


What’s a Place of Power?

Places of Power are locations where the energy is more potent and you can feel the tingle in the air. Some are naturally occuring like waterfalls, where the river meets the sea or volcanoes and some are man made like cemeteries, hospitals and crossroads. It’s where worlds collide.

As these places of power emit just that, power, you aren’t going to be the only thing in the room.

Which is why many traditions have rituals for when you enter or leave such places so you are more likely to get safe passage and not leave with added extras.

Basically not anger the spirits in residence.

Why visit a Place of Power?

Here, because the world of spirit and ours is much closer, communion with your spirits and guides will be much stronger.

You are more likely to see and hear messages that are sent your way, but that is if you appease the spirits first rather than rocking in with expectations.

Places of Power are also great for leaving appropriate offerings to deities and completing potent workings. Obviously I’d make sure you aren’t just randomly doing a love spell in a graveyard unless you have a particular death deity in mind.

Some will leave offerings in the place of power and take a piece of the place with them. Many take graveyard dirt, sand or something natural that will hold the vibration of that place. This is then added to a working at a later date for an added bit of zest.

What to do?

If you stumble into a place of power and you don’t work within any particular magickal/spiritual system, then simply be  respectful. You are in someone’s home and are surrounded.

Do not walk across graves, do not spit, watch your language and be aware of what you are saying. If you begin to feel uncomfortable and make a random joke about ‘maybe a spirit will follow me home’, that is beautiful opening for exactly that to happen. 

Please do not think the spirits here are trapped – far from it. It’s like a dive Bar or a Spa for us, they want to be there as it feels amazing. Any thing you do to disrespect or threaten their home, their source of energy, will not be taken lightly.

Above all, do not take anything if you haven’t given something of equal value in return.


This will be something that will be dealt with at Silver’s House of Spiritual Development.

The best ways to enter and leave such places that ensure you are given safe passage and what to do if you aren’t.