Yesterday started like any other day; got up, got coffee, replied to a few emails and was prepping to complete my private readings when I got a Whatsapp from a friend in Texas sounding a little panicky.

Her Sister and her friends were having a girls night in on Friday with a little wine and a little man talk when someone suggested using an old Ouija Board to see if John was ever going to ask Sarah to marry her or if Sandra was going to stay single forever.  I mean, it’s what we all want to know right!? So out it came and the ladies tried for for a good 30 minutes with nothing happening, disappointed they headed back to their Pinot Grigio and laughed it off.

The next morning all had been forgotten until the teenage girl in the house mentioned that she didn’t sleep well that night. She asked her little brother if he had been sneaking in and out of her room as her door kept moving. Poor little mite obviously denied it and everyone went about their business.

Saturday night – Little brother went into his parents room at around 3am and told his Mum that there was a man in his room. Mum thought it was just a nightmare, same as every other mother would,  so put him back to bed with extra bedtime kisses. For the first time in 2 years he wet the bed.

At around 4am Mum heard the daughter cry out her little Brothers name so got up to see what was going on. The daughter was shouting at her brother to get out of her room and stop tickling her feet. Mum checked and the boy was firmly tucked up in bed asleep.

In the morning the Mum called my friend and laughingly (kinda serious/not serious) mentioned what had happened but just put it down to night terrors and ‘teenagers’; except the same thing happened on Sunday night too. No one was getting a lot of sleep.

Last night (Monday) at 2am Mum heard footsteps on the landing going from her daughters room to the sons and quite frankly, she was tired and had had enough of whatever was going on. So she got out of bed expecting to catch her son climbing back into bed when she was confronted with a man staring at her son sleeping. She screamed.

She got the kids and got the fuck out of there; praise the Gods for Holiday Inn.

Enter: Silver and the Whatsapp.

Ouija Boards are great; efficient and demonstrative. They are a fantastic tool if used in the right environment by people who have grounded and protected both themselves and the space. Booze free is also a plus 😉 When used as a toy or a parlour trick, the energy surrounding the act is already edging towards disrespectful; the dead are not our play things.

I donned my trusty sleep mask, put Bella’s Lullaby from Twilight on repeat on my ipod (I know, I know) and got ready for a little chat with whatever was in this poor ladies house.

After a conversation with him and a whole lot of love he agreed to move on to where he was supposed to be. With HIS family. Thankfully, the man in this ladies house was only a dead dude and not something far more malevolent. When you holler into the spirit world with an Ouija Board you do not know who or what is going to answer.

This man died quite suddenly and didn’t understand where his family was, so he adopted hers. He slipped into the role of the man of the house and had indeed been tickling the daughters feet, as he used to his own daughter. He wanted to protect everyone, love them, he had no purpose otherwise.

He left this plane smiling, with tears in his eyes as his son met him at the door.

Following up from his transition I asked the Lady to put white roses next to each persons bed and a little Florida Water in each corner of every room.  The kids have said that the house feels different already and they aren’t seeing things out of the corner of their eye anymore. Everyone got a restful nights sleep last night.

Most importantly little man woke up with a clean bed this morning for the first time since Friday – feeling powerful and ready to take on the world.


Please, please listen to your kids with this stuff. They are often far more sensitive than we are.