Sometimes we just need the ocean.

The ocean is the source of all life, our true source, it’s primordial and as such it touches a certain place within us. 

Not to mention the plasma in our blood is 98% identical to sea water; it’s part of us.

I go to the ocean when I am lost and in need of healing. The smell of the salt in the air, the rhythmic sounds of the waves lapping against the shore sooth the trouble within me. It brings me back to myself.


You’ve got water, you’ve got salt, all in the same place naturally occurring and as we all know, naturally occurring is best. There is nothing like going for a swim in the sea for either a physical cleanse or an emotional one. For me it works on a much deeper level than burning raw frankincense or throwing a load of Florida water everywhere. The Ocean is willing to wash away our secrets and our burdens.


If you around the ocean for a even a short period of time you will often find your thoughts drifting off to finding creative solutions to problems you felt powerless to deal with or having been inspired to create something beautiful. It is as though once the ocean has scrubbed off the layer of ‘our daily lives’ from our spirits we find it easier to listen to our imagination, remember our magic.

Back to the Mother

Sorry Poseidon but whenever I think of the sea she is female, which makes sense being the source of all life. One of the Seven African Powers is called Yemaya (Yemallia/Yemoja), she is the ocean and as such, mother to all. She is particularly fond of those without mothers in this realm and will gladly step in to offer her comfort, love and advice to anyone who needs it. When I am near the ocean I can feel the motherly love emanating and will be forever grateful to her for the love she showed me when my dog passed away.

The ocean lets you know everything is going to be ok.

Life Changes

 The ocean is a great symbol for ongoing change and persistence; it is constantly transforming. Through the tides shifting as they do the ocean is constantly eroding away our shorelines or symbolically, blockages. This reminds us that sometimes it takes a little time and persistence to make the big changes; it’s just about not giving up. 

It also reminds us that by accepting that nature has a hand in shaping us, our purpose and our path, we can stop running around trying to figure out our next step. Sit and let the tides work their magic. Focus on what is meaningful right now and let the rest wash over you.

Exploring Ourselves

Because being around the ocean is so comforting, we often find ourselves going inward. What do we want? What is the next step? Where do we want it end up? It allows us to delve deep within ourselves and find the path we would like to follow. It allows us to sort through our emotions and bring us back to ourselves. The ocean has the ability to open s up to possibilities we hadn’t even considered.

She has the ability to humble us even in the face of insurmountable problems, crazy pressures, and gives us a sense of perspective. The sense of awe you feel at the thought of all she contains, the mystery within.


The thing I love the most about the ocean is that she goes to the ‘in-between places’ so if you are ever stuck on what medicine to use I guarantee the Ocean will help you find it.

Go deeper.