Art credit to The Dijab

The full moon had occurred at 13:19 today and this one had been a doozy. No matter how much sleep I got I was still tired, no matter how much I ate I was still hungry. I could not be satiated. In my world this is never a good thing – it means the energies surrounding me are restless, waiting for something. It almost feels that my darker aspects are rising during this time as it’s those I use when it’s time to step up.

I prepared for the Fae Circle at 7pm – lit a candle, spoke to Cernunnos, and a few of his friends, to ensure I had included what they wanted me to in the session.  Cernunnos is one of my loves and he has been so much closer now I am back in the UK so any chance I get for a conversation, I am heading in his direction. Running the Fae Circles is all down to wanting to honour him.

I had three ladies in this Circle and we were discussing the finer aspects of some of the Fae’s motives when the smoke alarm on the stairs went off.

I knew instantly this was a warning.

I had no candles burning downstairs and don’t own a stove so there was nothing to create the smoke. However when I reached the bottom of the stairs there was a fog all throughout the lounge which often happens when things are building.

When I was younger I had my eyes checked because my doctor thought there might be an issue – but no, just the veil.

I ripped the smoke alarm from the wall and disconnected the battery whilst running back up the stairs to the poor ladies who were wondering what was happening. I slammed the door behind me, sat down and apologised profusely. As I got back into what I saying I had a lingering feeling of unease.

In my past experience if I put the smoke alarm back together it would go off again. If I didn’t it was the perfect chance for one of ‘the darlings’ to burn my house down with me in it. Slight catch 22; I really love my sleep.

We began the first meditation and as I grounded and talked everyone through opening up, I could feel the energy in the room getting stronger and stronger. Sometimes when I meditate somewhere where the energy is agitated it causes me to rock or for my body to move in a circle. I choose not to stop this as I am trying to be as relaxed as possible in order to change my brainwaves and access the worlds I need to.

This time I was circling like I was going to take off.

Precisely then a huge man burst through the door – he was a voyager who was aggressive, shouting and grappling to get to me. I was a little concerned he was going to try and ‘jump’ into me so I held him at bay.  He looked bedraggled, tired and desperate, also a lot like Rollo from Vikings so I was not too unhappy….

The longer I held him at bay the more frustrated he was becoming, he wanted to take my eyes and show me something which was why he came so close.

Whilst I left the ladies in their meditation he showed me that tonight there were going to be multi-dimensional beings descending on our dimension in some considerable numbers.  He called them Feeders and the only way to describe their physicality is similar to the Alien in the Alien franchise but less formed and solid. They dripped black.

I am very aware that if you are reading this and are sat there thinking ‘wtf Silver, I got ghosts, I can kinda get gods but this is something else’ I get it. Believe me. Three years ago I would’ve been the same.

However most are aware of Shadow Men – regularly found in properties that have a huge amount of activity. These are multi-dimensional beings. There is no difference between the Shadow Men and Feeders. String theory is proving that there are multiple universes and are we that arrogant we believe we are the only thing that exists?

The Voyager showed me how they fed whilst people were most vulnerable (asleep) and that it was only women they targeted as their race didn’t have any. Our Women to them were like chocolate.

Me being my ever pragmatic self asked what the consequences of them feeding on us was. We are fed on by live people and other beings at some points and sometimes it just leaves us a little drained or with a headache. That was not the case with the feeders hence the warning.

The Feeders would case an imbalance within the individual which would build over time and cause emotional disturbances; aggression, depression, paranoia, anxiety. They would then come back at a later date and feed from this, leaving you in a perpetual state of ups and down. When they feed you would feel better for a time and then it would build again.

Perfect codependency.

People always ask me whats the best method of protection. Against everything?

There isn’t one. 

Multi-dimensional beings are a bitch. You spiritual protection will not help with them in my experience – the Feeders work on a basis of pheromones and anguish. They were specifically seeking out the lone sleeping females as they find the scent of men disgusting.

So in this instance Cedar essential oil was the go to. Cedar, Musk, Frankincense – anything that was a more masculine scent. Those fragrances bothered them the same way dust bothers a dogs nose. They can’t focus properly to feed.

The Voyager did not mention how often they descend in large numbers like last night or if they nip in and out. Quite frankly sometimes I’d rather not know.

Keep an eye on your moods over the next few days and check you are your wonderful normal self.

No one wants to be food.