Picture the scene…a question is asked in a facebook group around what a Light Worker is. There were a few answers and they were all decided new age referring to ‘reminding us of being spirits having a human experience’ and ‘bringing us all together in oneness’.

Just No.

I responded and explained that actually Light Workers have a really tough job as they are to take light to the darkness where it is often seen as a threat and they are shunned. Lucifer was the first Light Worker.

Oh how dare I!? What misinformation. The beautiful Cherie in the group clearly disagreed with me as Lucifer is the devil and the cause of all mankinds worries.

No Cherie. That’s Politicians.

Lucifer and Satan are often misidentifed as each other where in reality Satan didn’t exist until Christianity did (thanks for that) and Satan is our adversary. You can only be lead down the garden path if you are willing to go.

Lucifer (Latin ‘Lux’ ‘ferre’) on the other hand translates to Light Bringer. Does that not sound suspiciously like Light Worker!?

In the Book of Enoch was written 300 – 200BCE and was a well known text to early Jews and Christians detailing information about the Angels, Nephilim and the Great Flood. When discussing Lucifer the Book of Enoch details a specialist group of Angels who were the earthly shepherds of the first primitive humans; there to observe and report back. They were not allowed to interfere with our evolution.

But they took pity on us stumbling around and interfered. They taught us things like farming, working the forge, understanding the season etc. etc.

 Lucifer and his comrades liberated us. Taught us. Showed us there was a choice. GAVE us that choice.

The Bible is full of rules and lessons which we must abide by or God will strike us down. Lucifer is the opposite of this. Lucifer is having the choice to be good or bad and it doesn’t depend on a bloke in the clouds looking over your shoulder. But with Lucifer you live with the consequences, you are accountable for your own life. The blame lies no where else.

This can be a very bitter pill to swallow.

Blind faith, suffering, martyrdom, subservience and judgement;


Skepticism, prosperity, knowledge, free will, consequences and sovereignty.

I know which I prefer.

Even in this day and age, the church fears Lucifer and what he stands for hence the constant warnings.

Free yourself. Pick the Light Bringer.