My flight from London to Mexico City is now booked and my Airbnb ready to go – I cannot wait! I have booked a holiday place for two weeks to give me a chance to settle and find somewhere a little more permanent that I can rent for 3 months. The Casita I have chosen looks like a little bit of paradise 10 minutes from the centre and has amazing reviews. It is full of colour and looks like exactly what I need – a little tranquility. I need to breathe again.

These are the steps that go up to my apartment…just look at them…my own little stairway to heaven 😉

This is the rustic table you will be seeing in your Weekly and Private Readings after the 13th. A candle and some flowers on top will look absolutely beautiful.

Ana, the host of the apartment has already offered to help me find somewhere to rent within the city – she is a long time resident so knows all of the places to avoid and is a native so between her contacts and her language I am wonderfully thankful.

It now feels a lot more real.

Wish me luck.