‘Giant Tarantulas keep tiny frogs as pets. Insects will eat the burrowing Tarantulas’ eggs – so the spiders protect the frogs from predators, and in return the frogs eat the insects.’

I saw this picture and explanation and laughed out loud for about 10 minutes. This is it. I am that frog.

I work with different gods on any given day. There are those who have chosen to be linked directly with me for the rest of my life and there are others who just nip in and out for any given reason. Same as the native american beliefs – you have your totems but then other power animals might just pop in for a particular lesson or period of your life.

The Gods who I consider mine aren’t ones that I chose, they turned up for me in scary who-the-fuck-are-you ways and have stuck around after letting me know that we are bound together. They are who I call my Allies. I wasn’t paired with Gods of love, creativity or abundance, I was paired with those of death, sex and war (hence my amazing sense of humour 😉 ).

A good friend of mine was giving me a Reiki Treatment a while ago and asked my Allies to step forward…and then asked for them to step back. After the treatment my friend explained that they made her feel really uncomfortable in their appearance and the energy they were exuding; they were overwhelming.  Shalika was expecting a powerful female guide or more of a healing vibration to come through.

But those are not the things I need.

I mostly work in the dark with littel darlings that would prefer I turned around and ran screaming, so Thoth or Frigg aren’t going to cut it. I need the savages. I need the ones that the bad guys are afraid of. I need the ones of fire and brimstone, blood and bone, sarcasm and ‘I-will-mother-fucking-end-you’.

When my plane touched down in Mexico I was met by a seriously scary looking dude who was the size of two 747’s on top of one another. He looked at me and then simply crawled away. After relaying this to a Client, he asked me ‘is there actually anything you’re scared of?’ My answer at the time was something benial about the stuff I have faced and been through..blah blah blah.

But then I saw this picture.

I am that frog and my Allies are the Tarantula – if they don’t look after me, I can’t do what they ask me to do. It’s a symbiotic realtionship where without each other, we’re pretty screwed, but together we are everything.

So they might be scary and hairy, and I might indeed be that cute little frog, but I know they have my back.