So… you have a random spiritual experience, or have simply decided that learning a bit of Reiki might help you ease the pain of your Aunt’s arthritis, good thinking.

Now, how do you know who to pick from Google? What are you looking for? Will my Guides not just pick for me?

Sadly not. 

Here’s a few hopefully helpful pointers:

1. Recommendations

If you are lucky enough to have friends with similar interests as you, ask around. If you aren’t in any rush and are looking for meditation, mediumship or healing don’t forget to look for local spiritualist churches; for more nature or deity based teachers look at spiritual shops and botanicas. In the US you have even more choice with Houses and Temples for Voodoo, Santeria, Quimbanda etc.

Keep in mind that the person behind the counter maybe getting a kick back for recommending a Workshop so take any information away with you and think about it.

2. Look deeper than the titles

Technically a Medium only need give a reading on holiday in Lanzarote to be classed as an International Medium – the same with ‘world renowned’ Healers. Look past the marketing and claims to fame and see how your intuition and instincts feel.

Some of the best teachers are cute little old ladies who always offer you a biscuit from their flowery couch.

3. Are they real people?

Are they always positive or do they have bad days? Are they willing to admit when they don’t know the answer? 

People die, get sick and live in poverty everyday. Denying this doesn’t make it any less real especially as we are put on this planet to experience life; TRULY experience it, and we can’t do this if we are ignoring the experiences we learn from. We need those emotions too.

Avoid those who say ‘it is all for a reason’ when you ask a question. It bloody isn’t. 

A teacher being able to admit a mistake or that they aren’t sure of the answer keeps them from over reaching and things going wrong.  Being humble in ones knowledge is important or you become stagnant and stubborn in your approach.  Things change and methods are uncovered all the time.

After all, we are all on a path; a teacher might just be further along it.

4. Is online best?

In my opinion learning Reiki online makes absolutely no sense – being shown how to work with energy needs to be in person and the attunements need to be done with the Reiki Master in the room.  If it’s an online course you can’t ask questions (or it takes 2 weeks to get back to you), or what happens if something goes wrong? It’s so vital to have that support.

However, online herbal or crystal teachers where the content is a little more academic make a lot of sense. With Tarot practice just make sure you are grounding and protecting before handling your deck.

 5. They push you

If we were never pushed we would never progress. Facing our fears, our failings and our limitations is difficult. Finding someone who can hold a space for you where you feel able to be vulnerable, and then led towards these things is an art.

Got to peel that onion baby.

To Conclude:

Follow your intuition and instincts, don’t pay a ridiculous amount of money to someone over the internet – find that personal connection.

One other thing that some find hard to stomach. They are not here to be your friend, few may turn into that, but the power dynamic is such that it simply isn’t ethical. They would know your vulnerabilities, shadow sides and personal history whereas you might know next to nothing.

Good teachers like boundaries.