Silver Wolf

Releasing the Dead and Exorcising Entities

Hauntings & Attachments

Having an unwanted guest in your life can be invasive and confusing. Knowing what to look for is key as those around you can often brush off your concerns as they feel powerless to help.

An attachment is when a spirit or entity ‘attaches’ to a person rather than a location. The entity feeds on the persons energy as a bare minimum and can move on to beginning the process of full possession.

Indicators of a Haunting

  • being touched/shoved
  • objects moving on their own
  • seeing apparitions
  • strange, violent dreams
  • pets and young children behaving oddly
  • sleep paralysis
  • feelings of being watched or someone being stood behind you
  • unexplained sounds, shadows or twinkling lights
  • hearing voices or whispers
  • decline in physical & mental health
  • orbs
  • electrical interference
  • temperature fluctuations

Indicators of an Attachment

  • Obsessive/intrusive thoughts
  • Being avoided by others
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Eating disorders
  • Addictive behaviour (substance misuse, pornography, gambling, sex)
  • Head fogginess
  • Fatigue/lack of energy
  • Sleep disturbances (insomnia, sleep paralysis)
  • Powerful negative emotions
  • Mood swings
  • Poor memory and concentration
  • Relationship problems
  • Hearing voices and delusional thoughts
  • Sudden inexplicable allergies

Let Silver help…

Medium, Exorcist & Ambassador of the Gods

The most effective way for Silver to deal with both a haunting or an attachment is to visit the place/person with the problem.  Silver travels internationally exorcising locations of entities and ensuring that everyone in the house is free from attachments.

This allows for the dust to settle after the clearing and for any after effects to be dealt with. Silver will also revive the energy in your home and add some protective measures so the same issue doesn’t happen again.

If this is not possible Silver offers a Remote Service involving a consultation with you regarding your haunting or attachment symptoms, Silver deliberating with her Allies on a solution and then sending you a step-by-step video on how to rid yourselves of the unwanted spirits. Along with this there are proceedings Silver will often have to complete, in her own domain, to help with your situation.

For those who have a simple few questions regarding how to deal with a low level spirit effecting them, Silver offers an efficient advice service – see here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Won't Smudging fix it?

Smudging is creating a cloud of smoke using sacred herbs which are then spread around you home/person. When smudging the herbs used need to be blessed by a Holy Person and the correct one need to be used e.g. Sage DOESN’T get rid of the negative, it brings in the positive.

If this is done it can get rid of low level souls that haven’t crossed over but for more complex spirits or if you have multiple entities then it tends to insult them and activity can ramp up. 

Imagine blowing smoke in a Demon’s face. Not a great idea.


Why is it better for Silver to visit?

There are some entities that cannot be worked with remotely so being in their presence is vital and in a lot of cases the haunting is multi layered with various spirits from various ages, all of whom need to be counselled before moving on.

With Silver being there you do not have to do anything during her process as she will cover all bases; releasing any spirits, exorcising any entities, cleansing the energy they leave behind, filling that energetic void, clearing/exorcising any people involved and then adding a layer of protection for the home and people involved. 

If members of the household have gifts (especially Children) Silver will also give guidance on how to move forward and manage in a safe manner. 

What is the process involved with Silver's Remote Service?

Once you have contacted Silver and both agreed to move forward there will be a consultation via Skype or Hangouts where you can talk to Silver about what has been happening along with sharing any footage or recording you have. Silver with then commune with her Allies and decide upon the best course of action for both yourself and her to reach a solution where any unwanted entities or attachments leave. 

Silver will then create a step-by-step instructional video of what you need to do in order to sanctify you and/or your home, whilst she works with her Spirits to complete the necessary actions. Sometimes these things need to be done at the same time, which Silver will choreograph. 

After this is done you will have another Video Consultation to debrief with what was done and what was achieved and so any of your questions can be answered.

What about my local Priest?

Sometimes your Local Priest will be willing to do a house blessing for you, but often need to have the authority from their Superiors to do anything more. If they agree to come to your house, unless what you are specifically dealing with believes in Jesus and the power of Christ, they tend to not have an impact. Or, even worse, if you are dealing with spirit who has been wronged by Christians or in ‘the name of Christ’ (indigenous people, slaves, Celts) then it angers them. It angers them immensely.

Sadly the first port of call for most people can often cause the most disruption.

 If you are calling upon the Church for help specifically with an exorcism (of a person) there is usually months of testing and medical certificates required for this.