When my Spiritual Allies told me I was to go to Mexico it was met with both excitment and trepidation…Mexico is a huge place, where in Mexico was I to go? After some research I settled on Guanajuato for a whole host of reasons (that quite frankly) only I could come up with…
1. Guanajuato is surrounded by beautiful lush mountains that already appear to welcome me home. Being based in the centre of these beauties will add a huge amount of grounding to my life, which is badly needed after giving up and loosing all attachments to anything.

They already feel like my brothers waiting to teach me their way of doing things (which will obviously be the only way! 😉 )

2. Guanajuato has a vein of gold and silver surrounding it which is an amazing opportunity for me to do some work on balancing and understanding the divine masculine and feminine within myself. How do they interact? Are they out of sync? Moving to a latin culture alone from a small town in Scotland is naturally going to cause an imbalance. I also want to work with the land and support it’s healing where we have mined it for trinkets and statues for kings – who quite frankly, have enough!
3. All the flipping colour! After living my whole life in England and Scotland I cannot wait to be somewhere that is full of colour and vitality – from the houses to the art to the year round festivals. I just miss the Dia de los Flores Festival (Day of Flowers) in Guanajuato City, which is my own personal heaven so plans for next year are already in the making.

I mean, how can I have a bad day when surrounded by streets like this?

4. Museo de las Momias – Museum of Mummies – I had decided I liked the feel of Guanajuato but wanted the nod that it was where I was supposed to go so I asked for my Allies to give me the nod. Three hours later someone had sent me an article of the Museum of Mummies and when you work with Ghede and Santa Muerte a big fat nod to them was exactly the sign I needed.
I’ll get to Guanajuato and settle in amongst the winding streets and latin music before figuring out what it is I actually want from this adventure. I know what I need to do, but what do I want to do?