Over the last week I completed an intensive course to become a Firewalking Instructor so I can run Firewalks all over the Globe in any capacity I choose. The focus being empowerment, spirituality and obviously the Gods; Tezcatlipoca loves a good fire.

I could have chosen sound healing or iridology, something smooth and luscious where I get to just lie down under a blanket for a few days. However I ended up walking over hot coals reaching temperatures of 1000 Degrees Celsius 109 times in a row on a balmy Sunday evening just to celebrate passing my Instructors exam.

What the f*ck Silver, I hear you say.

Well, I was always that teenager with a lighter in her pocket and tea lights all over her bedroom. After my discovery of animism (the attribution of a living soul to plants, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena) I had a conversation with a tree in my garden. I was becoming frustrated with how stuck I was feeling and asked if it had any advice.

“You are a child of the fire. Follow it.”

This had not even occurred to me, I was fairly new on the structured development path and people just kept harping on about horoscopes (Taurus); but nothing has felt righter in my life. My passion, anger and spark isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Fire creates and destroys, and quite frankly depending on my mood I tend to do the same. There is no middle ground.

Since then I have always had a candle lit in my home, I use fire in my workings and have rarely been without a fire bowl in the garden. Whenever I journey to meet the Gods fire is normally involved and I am a Quimbandeira which involves working with the spirits of fire and night.  As long as I feed the fire, the fire feeds me.

For me it represents powerful transformation through facing your fears; being scared to do something but then saying ‘fuck it’ and walking towards it anyway.

This is pretty much a firewalk.

I want to help people realise what they are capable of. If you can walk on hot coals there is no reason you can’t go for that job you want or leave that relationship. You are the fire, we just sometimes forget.

I will honour the fire, honour the ancestors and honour the Gods…

…while you honour you.

 Big love x