Whenever I think of the word ‘exorcism’ I am transported to some dilapidated house in Rome with an old Italian Priest from the Vatican shouting in Latin at some poor writhing person who is speaking in tongues and usually doing something pretty disgusting with bodily fluids.

As you can imagine, not really a situation I find myself in regularly (wouldn’t mind going back to Rome though).

I do however regularly deal with people that are possessed.

Hollywood has a lot to answer for in terms of sensationalising possession and exorcisms, they are far more boring than you would normally think. I have never seen a head turn 360 degrees nor a person levitate but the day is still young and I have yet to do one close to the Vatican 😉

Describing what I do to strangers is hard – I tend to blather whilst trying not to use any of the usual ‘scary’ words so avoid ‘exorcist’ like the plague and normally stick to something benign like Spiritual Consultant.

Then a friend was describing me to a coworker and they simply chimed up ”oh, like an exorcist?” My friend nodded and their coworker said they now got it.

This got me thinking; fuck it. Am I an exorcist?

I don’t have a dog collar and Jesus doesn’t hang around when I work but I decided a Google search was in order (when isn’t it!?).

“An Exorcist is a person who expels or attempts to expel a supposed evil spirit from a person or place.”

Well. That’s it then.

It took me about a week to wrap my head around the fact that I am indeed an Exorcist so this weekend I am going to introduce myself to a bunch of muggles (said with love) as such and see how I feel about it.

I need to own it.

I have to admit that it’s a little empowering to be able to be direct with it rather than beat around the bush blathering about attachments and spiritual releases. At least most know what an exorcism is.

Wish me luck.