Spirit Release, Exorcisms & Cleansings


Spirit Release. Exorcism, Extraction, Clearing, Cleansing and Deliverance are all terms that boil down to the same thing; getting rid of negative paranormal entities from you and/or your environment. 

If a location is haunted and there are signs of activity- it tends to be pretty clear cut. Either their are footsteps or not, a room feels sinister or not, all of a sudden three people’s behaviour changes or not.

It is simply a matter of believing what you are seeing, hearing and feeling at the time. 

Do not write it off or expect it to magically stop.

It won’t.

When it is the person who is haunted it can be a little more confusing, especially if that person has paranormal abilities e.g. mediumistic, healer, ‘seer’, channel. If you are suffering from the symptoms of a haunting and they are not contained to the house then the likelihood is it is you these beasties have attached to.

We have these energy fields that surround our bodies and they are a great feeding ground for things such as the dead, ‘attachments’ (which are little astral parasites), darker entities , Tulpas and even those who wish us no harm but don’t want to leave. 

They need a source of sustenance and sadly that’s us.

 You can prevent these guys getting a firm hold by maintaining good spiritual hygiene and regularly cleansing yourself with energy, fumigation and the correct spiritual bath. However there are times where either the spirit has started melding with your energy, the entity is stronger than the methods or you have multiple issues – in these cases you need an expert to come in and remove the invaders in the least traumatic way possible.

That is where Silver comes in. 

Moving on the Dead in the U.S.

The true accounts of Silver who left the English shores and headed for America with the single purpose of releasing trapped souls and ridding this world of malevolent entities.

Travelling alone in her mini-van she encountered the good, the bad and the, most definitely, ugly spirits from across the fifty states of America.

From caves to homes, forests to bars, the dead are indeed everywhere.

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