Oh my fucking god.

It’s done. It’s actually finished and formatted and everything!

The nerves are rife! 😉

I wanted to share a bit of it with you guys as you have all been so supportive and made me feel so lucky.

Here goes…

‘I laid back, closed my eyes and walked back along the woodland path to my tree, down the stairwell and it unexpectedly opened out into a desert where there were three pyramids, and again I found myself in beautiful Egyptian clothing. The pyramid front and centre was flanked by bowls filled with flames so I took a deep breath and settled my nerves. I could feel the warm sand on my toes as I walked towards the ominous dark entrance.

The room I entered was completely gold, I was blinded by the beauty and my entire body began strangely humming. There was a beautiful altar at the other end of the space where I could see emerald scarabs, herbs and stunning fresh flowers. It was the most beautiful room I had ever seen, I never wanted to leave. As I started towards the altar Anubis appeared, picked me up and pushed me against a gold upright vertical table, then it was like he duplicated himself so there were three of him. The two faux Anubis’s stood behind me and held my limbs and head to the table so I couldn’t move. I was absolutely fucking terrified. What was happening? Why was he doing this? Why was he betraying me? He didn’t feel angry or violent at all, in fact he emanated patience and love, like a master and their student. It was a very confusing, scary juxtaposition.

Whilst I was trying to control my panic Anubis very gracefully sliced across my lower abdomen with a huge talon. I screamed and struggled against my captors. The pain was immense as he lacerated me a further two times, but instead of blood and organs, a type of tar started to ooze out of me. It looked and smelt absolutely foul, it ran out of my body and collected in a bowl on the ground. Anubis was supposed to be the good guy, he was a caring god, looking after those on their way to the afterlife, why was he torturing me like this?’

Fingers crossed I don’t chicken out on the 29th June! 😉