A week ago I was in the middle of Arkansas on my adventures with Eric the Van when the weather suddenly turned, we headed to a campsite to get a little safety and downtime.

After sleeping in Eric overnight at the KOA Campground the beautiful lady in the office mentioned that the cabin’s were only another $15 on top of what I had paid for my pitch.  I instinctively said, in that typically English fashion, “Oh no I am fine thanks” to which I received an invisible elbow to my ribs. Charming. Clearly Spirit had other ideas.

I stopped and thought for a second before gratefully accepting the offer of an actual bed with heating; it has been a long trip and I needed a little ‘me’ time. I missed the little log cabin Thor and I used to live in so relished the thought of being surrounded by the energy of wood once more.

It always makes me feel whole again.

So I got my kaboose into the little Cabin and once the Staff had left me to it I got down to making my environment the best it could be. I connected with the land the cabin was on and left some tobacco in various places outside as an offering to the Native Spirits in the woods both human and non, and then another offering to each of the two trees that flanked the front and back of the cabin. 

The land was eager to receive me and the spirits surrounding the little wooden house agreed to simply leave me alone. They had been honoured so were more than happy to let me get some sleep.

I moved into the Cabin, put both of my palms onto it’s walls and connected with it. I introduced myself and asked it for warmth and protection for 2 evenings, and thanked it for being here. 

Then my heart sank. The Cabin itself (not the energy contained within it) felt young, lost and confused. It felt like a boy who had been ripped from a family at 12 years of age and then sent off on a mission. He had no clue what was expected of him and it didn’t help that he was far away from home. He felt lonely and so very sad. He knew his natural life had been cut short and that he was now expected to provide shelter for travelers like me but he didn’t really know what this meant. He felt hollow.

I sat on his floor again with palms touching him, opened my heart chakra and showed him what him being there meant for me and how I felt about it. I showed that without him I would be cold and unhappy in the back on a metal van, unable to stand up without getting soaked by the rain outside. I showed him that he was my salvation and my friend; one that I desperately needed at the point. Just from being created from trees he would heal me in ways that others couldn’t.

I then shared the love I had for him with him through my palms.

He understood.

He asked for some music to be played and I suggest I burn some Sweetgrass for him which he gratefully accepted whilst I filled the room with a white sparkly light.

I woke up the next morning to a cabin with a renewed sense of purpose, who was proud of himself, sticking his metaphorical chest out and even without the heating on, there was a warm glow emanating from him. He was happy.

Not twenty four hours later I had a gaggle (!?) of ghosts knock on the front door of the cabin ‘suggesting’ I accompany them to meet their boss. Obviously not something I wanted to do. I felt the Cabin inwardly smile, they couldn’t pass the threshold which was why they had knocked. What a delightful turn of events. I declined their invitation comfortable in the knowledge that the beautiful Cabin I had offered my love to would protect my body and soul even whilst I slept.

My little Cabin was now all grown up.