Silver Wolf

Donate to helping Lost Souls

Silver spends a lot of her spare time helping move the dead on where their presence hasn’t been recognised. Just because they are not disturbing the living doesn’t mean those who have died tragically, especially children, deserve to stay lost.

There are also particular locations that have high accident and trauma rates due to entities in the area. Silver does work to prevent further harm by exorcising certain spirits and appeasing others.

In order to do that Silver regularly has to:

– Give offerings to the dead (so they are willing to move on or simply quieten down)

– Offerings to Land Spirits, Elementals and other creatures who cause havoc if feeling forgotten or dishonoured

– Complete workings to released souls that are trapped in a ‘dark place’ (generally happens after a botched cleansing)

– Give offerings as thanks to those spirits who help me put these energies back where they should be.

Thank you from Silver and the Souls she helps.

Those who wish to donate a large amount or via another method please fill out the Contact Form