Silver Wolf

Developing your Spirituality

Silver’s House of Spiritual Development

Sometimes we know we need to take that next step and develop our Spiritual Gifts but the resources aren’t always available to us; especially if you are based somewhere rural or the population isn’t very open minded.

Silver’s House is a safe place for all; especially those whose path might seem a little unorthodox to others. As the 28 year old who had a Vodou Spirit dancing around her kitchen in up-market Surrey, England – Silver gets unorthodox.

Silver’s is a House of Neutrality, so people and Spirits are looked at with truth and integrity not what the dogma tells us to believe.

We look a little deeper.

‘How do I develop my Clairvoyance?’  ‘I keep seeing things that make no sense?’  ‘How do I work with the Fae?’

Get some guidance

Silver offers Development Readings where she talks to her Allies and your Guides to see what direction they are leading you in. Silver is very fortunate in that she works with the Gods, Fae, Realms, Animal Spirits and most things with a ‘Spirit’ so is well versed in the do’s and don’ts. She can help you make sense of your experiences be it good or bad.

It can be very confusing when your spiritual path doesn’t fit in with normal people’s but we all have different callings. 

Don’t shy away from yours.

Webinar – Different Protection for Different Situations.

November 2019 – Date TBC

This Webinar  will include the following topics:

– What Protection is and the different types inc visualisation, herb, resin, sigil, deity, ancestors

– When to use Protection and which for specific situations.

– The mechanics behind it.

– The link between Power and Protection.

– Do’s and Don’ts

– Q & A

This Webinar will last 1 – 1.5 hours.

All attendees will receive a copy of the Webinar via email.

Cost is $30 USD

NB: Those in Silver’s House of Spiritual Development on the Centaur Tier and above can attend for free.

Mediumship Development Circle (Beginners & Intermediate)

6 Weeks – w/c November 4th

 There will be limited places available for the two Circles – $25 USD a week

After a few keen elbows from my last group of Circle Members I am holding two Circles concurrently.

For those who have been in Circle with me previously so have all the tools required – there is the intermediate group where we will further your skills and confidence working with the dead and other energies that come our way. 😉

For the Beginners Circle – we start at the beginning and will ensure you have all the tools you need to be able to develop safely and with confidence. We will cover things like opening & closing, protection, meeting your guides, different spirits and generally getting to know the other realms.

The circles are very informal and there is no such thing as a stupid question. The environment is friendly, open and accepting.

The circle will last for 1 – 1.5 hours every week and the day will depend on what works best for the collective; attendance for each week is mandatory. There will also be a small amount of work to do outside of circle.

If you  would like more information please either send me a message via social media or fill out the contact form.

About Silver

Medium, Exorcist & Ambassador of the Gods

Silver has seen the dead since she was child and was very quickly introduced to the darker side of the Unseen once her teenage years hit. This led to people seeking Silver out for her experience and effectiveness at removing spirits, demons and other entities from peoples lives.

Silver spent 2018 travelling the globe helping the dead cross over, evicting dark entities and healing the land, trying to make a difference. This also allowed for Silver to come across many different paranormal creatures not native to her birth land of England.

Silver is practical, down to earth and there isn’t much that she hasn’t seen.