Silver Wolf

Developing your Spirituality

Silver has been helping others with their development for a long time.

Whilst she has been running various circles throughout the year her personal passion is one-on-one teaching, or mentoring in some cases, those who are on a darker path. As Silver’s passions include the Dead, the Gods and the Fae she revels in discussing these topics with other and linking people with their Spiritual Path and/or those Spirits who have been trying to get your attention.

The Fae don’t tend to be subtle.

 Sometimes it can be difficult knowing where to turn when your development experiences are a little different but with Silver breadth of knowledge about the Spirits and how to cultivate that relationship she is second to none. 

Especially as she goes straight to the horses mouth to get the information required.

The spirits themselves.

Silver’s Path

Medium, Exorcist & Ambassador of the Spirits

Silver’s path has been very steep and very eclectic. She started as most people do attending a Mediumship Circle within which she excelled and was on Platform giving messages in churches in no time. She then went on to become a Reiki Master Teacher and coupled this with her natural interest of Vibrational Medicine; finding a true love in essential oils and resins. 

Once the Fae appeared, other darker entities (Gargoyles etc) and then the Gods, Silver looked for something that embraced a darker side and was led down a First Nations Path for a time being introduced to her natural ability to Soul Walk however every step of the way Egypt called with Anubis and others being present during her experiences.

This opened up a whole new world and Gods and Goddesses from different pantheons decided to visit, the Orishas and the Loa. They arrive with a message of some sort, Silver tracks down who they are and some stay, other’s don’t.

 Currently Silver works prolifically with the Gods, Loa, and the Orishas, along with constant contact with the dead through her Psychopomp work. 

She is also involved with a Quimbanda House where her lady and leige reside; Exu and Pomba Gira.

With 2020 just around the corner, who knows what is next…