People get very hung up on duality especially in the spiritual world; something can’t be shades of grey, it has to be labelled so we know what to do with it.


Take a big fat look at death.

Death is the guy who takes our loved ones from us, but also gives peace after a long battle with various conditions. Death is a divine angel of mercy, regularly coveted by many because of the stillness he brings.

Death is the guy who took my Mum from me when I was 8 years old and my Aunt 25 years later, a long time after her consciousness had left us.

Death can’t help who he is.

Death has brought me strength, compassion and courage.

The ‘dark’ deities – Kali, Lillith, Lucifer, the Petro Lua, Satan, Goetic Daemons – none of them are fully bad. Kali is worshipped as a Goddess of destruction, but then also Kali-Ma; a fierce protector of children. Lucifer is the LIGHT BRINGER (is that not a pretty big clue!?).

I work primarily with the dark deities as they like me and I like them. There is no pretending, no judgement and they push me; I need that. One of the ‘lighter’ ladies I work with is Yemaya who is the Goddess of the Ocean, Motherhood and, sometimes, Love which are all pretty little words for an Orisha who IS the ocean. We’ve all seen the ocean during a stormy night, terrifying, perilous and quite frankly, pissed off. 

She is also the source of all life.

The other beautiful thing I adore about the spiritual world is my Protectors, who are to me, the best thing since sliced bread, are going to be another person’s worst nightmare and vice versa. One man’s angel is another man’s devil.

It’s all about perspective. 

In my experience deities are just like us, partially light and partially dark.

I am often in dangerous situations with house cleansings and exorcisms etc, and I feel far more protected going in with my skull faced darlings than the Goddess of beauty or God of Laughter. We need the right person for the job.

For me, I have never met a negative entity. I think negativity is a human thing. A deity can bring darkness into your life if you go in not knowing what you are doing, or are disrespectful, or for example are a pimp who decided to start worshiping a Protector of Sex Workers thinking it’ll give you the inside track.

Then the darkness will descend.

Odin is a dark God but you wouldn’t call him negative. The Allfather, god of war, magick, death, knowledge and a renowned trickster, he is revered as he gets things done. For me, dark is a characteristic, negativity is the impact made.

We’ve all got that family member who means well by telling us we’ve put on weight or why aren’t we married yet – guarantee they would class themselves as light but they leave a negative impact.

We are all both dark and light, and the sooner we realise that the better.

If you are currently working with something you consider fully ‘light’ dig a little deeper with your research. Angels and Unicorns are serious bad asses.

The Angel of healing also buried his ‘Brother’ under the desert on a bunch of jagged rocks never to see the light of day again.

Not too pretty is it.

Same. As. Us.

…they just know themselves better.