I was lying awake this evening trying to get to sleep (thanks full moon) and I was thrown back to a time when I was trying to become more disciplined with my Clairvoyance; see things when I wanted to, not just accept what I was given.

I always had results with this so I thought I would share it.

Please do not attempt to do this if you suspect you have a Spirit, Ghost or Entity in your house. You will be allowing your light to be shown and they will come like moths to a flame.

Half an hour before you would normally go to sleep, jump into bed and get yourself comfortable. If you sleep naked, can I suggest PJ’s for this just incase your Nan turns up and it gets a little awkward…

Turn off all the lights, make sure you close your curtains/blinds and put your phone on silent as nothing in this world is louder than a flipping Whatsapp message when you have just seen something wierd in the corner of your bedroom.

Once relaxed and feeling good, ground yourself (video here if you need some help) and protect yourself properly. Please do not just rely on Archangel Micheal/your Guides for this – you are more than capable of doing this yourself and they would appreciate it.

Take 3 really deep breaths, relax your entire body and then simply open your chakras from the Crown to the Base.

Then just lie there and relax your eyes.

Don’t have any expectations. Don’t have any fear. Just wait.

Those with Clairvoyance or a sensitive Third Eye may begin to see shapes and energy distortion which always reminds me of the heatwaves coming off of tarmac in the summer.

Clairaudience may involve fluttering near the ears, whispers or outright noises (it doens’t always have to be words). 

Clairsentient people will start picking up on pain that isn’t theirs or start wondering why they feel so sad all of a sudden.

Obviously the list goes on and on with Claircognizant, Clairgustance, Clairsalience all having their own unique sensations. 

Please make sure that you do not fall asleep with your Chakras open or you are putting yourself at risk. Close them and re-protect before allowing yourself to fall asleep.

Do not expect to see random people bent over your bed staring at you. Is this ever turns out to be the case you need to call the Ghostbusters (or send me an email). Sometimes I would see shapes, twinkles, outlines of numbers/symbols or energy coming from an object they wanted me to take notice of. 

Once the cheeky gits made my textbooks hum because they knew I had a course to finish (was most definitely Rita my Nan! 😉 )

I have never had a problem doing this with Pets in my room as they only tend to be negatively effected by the Fae or something pretty sinister which is very rare. Everything else, they tend to look past or simply be a little curious.

DO NOT do this after consuming alcohol or drugs as it doesn’t allow for your protection to be seemless. A heightened emotional state is also a very bad idea as you have the potential to attract an attachment who will try and ‘help you’. 

DO do this when it’s just a normal day at the ranch.


And remember it’s relaxed eyes, don’t be staring intently everywhere willing for something to appear.

And don’t panic when it does.

Write it down.