Sometimes it’s really hard to know if a particular deity is calling you or not; our little (or big) egos get in the way. ‘Maybe I keep seeing Ogoun everywhere because I want to.’ ‘Just because I’ve seen two Doberman’s today doesn’t mean Anubis is calling, could just be coincidence.’

We are just little bundles of nuances aren’t we.

I have been told via a consultation with a trusted source that I am to be shown how to venerate a particular deity by some of my newer Allie. They are to be the Gate Keeper to the big guy who will be essential in my work going forward.

Two weeks ago I meditated to connect with ‘My Lady’ and the scene my Ally lead me to was a cemetery. As soon as I stepped over the threshold I was rushed by something in a large black cloak, it came up quick and close so obviously I told it to ‘bugger off’ because I wasn’t here to see them, and I wasn’t shy about it.

Didn’t he know I had things to do!?

Turns out the guy in the cloak IS the Big Guy, like, the Don of all the Dons, and I told him to ‘bugger off’. At first I laughed (only me) but then was a little concerned that he would make me wait longer because of my insolance.

I’d blown it.

Yesterday I began having obsessive thoughts about him so did some studying which in turn created more questions. I sat and prayed to my Liege (my main dude) and asked far an answer to my question to come in my dreams and straight away someone gave me the answer. Bonus.

Still I couldn’t stop thinking about the Big Guy.

I fell asleep around midnight and woke up to someone knocking loudly on the bedroom door. At first I thought it was a cat trying to get in but looked around and saw that both the cats were in the room and all the animals, including the Pitbull who doesnt rouse for anything, were sat bolt upright staring at the door. I hadn’t imagined it.

Then I knew.

The obssessive thoughts were the Big Guy’s way of getting my attention, he is ready to work with me.

All I have to do is open the door.

– – – – – – – –

Sometimes our Guides and Allies are subtle, in fact most of the time they are subtle as they are from a time where we aren’t all staring at our screens all the time or there being constant noise in our lives.

Look for the changes, listen to your intuition and see where your attention goes. It could be dreams they use, animal symbolism, other people, songs on the radio, bus adverts, literally anything.

I should have gathered from the obssessive thoughts, but I thought I had honestly messed it up.

Plus I think he just wanted to show off…