I have meditated a few times this week to visit my Allies. I tend to meditate to whomever’s day it is; check in, spend some time with them and see if there is anything they need from me.

When I did this earlier in the week one of them actually had me run over by a train, the other was mid battle scene when I arrived so I helped out and then left him to it. I was to be made aware of what was going on in the universe; full moon and an eclipse sure played their part.

This morning I wanted to visit one of the Ladies. She is my calm, my wisdom and my serenity in the world. She puts me back together when I am obliterated and I am aware I never give her enough thanks for this.

I stepped through into her realm and was at my favourite place in Scotland; a beautiful peaceful cove. Sheltered from the wind and always deserted as it’s in the middle of nowhere; Thor and I used to walk there often.

I felt the grass between my toes and the sun on my face as I headed towards the beautiful ocean wondering what I would find.  I was carrying a golden staff and wearing a crown – I had golden shoulder armour on too. The staff and the armour were new, what had I gotten myself into. Again.

There was a shimmering near the rocks to my right. Two dolphins were there excited to be taking me to my destination. I asked if we needed to go under water (freaks me out) and was gleefully informed that I would get to enjoy the sun the entire way. 

As cheesey as this sounds I stood on the backs of the dolphins and held onto the reins that were attached to a piece of wood in each of the dolphins mouths. Aquaman would have been proud as we sped off towards an island that I have visited a few times before in my meditations. Me feeling the gut churning fear I always do when in the ocean, especially when with sea mammals.

I hopped off and asked if they were going to wait. They were and these dolphins were total rascals. Their attitude was akin to two seven year old children ‘Oooo we know what’s going on. You don’t!’ Their anticipation of what was about to happen was hilarious. Not sure whether to find them endearing or annoying I walked up the shore and straight into the woodland whilst taking a deep breath.

I had no clue what I was going to find.

The lower branches of the trees scratched at my arms as I heard a deep laughter. I pushed past some thick bushes and found myself in a clearing with a large man sat cross legged on a mat. His clothes were from a country in Africa and he was wearing a golden crown, very similar to mine.

“You are here!” He said gleefully.

“Alright? Who are you?” I replied, not liking this already.

“Ogoun! Do you not recognise me!?

Bollocks. I have worked with Ogoun for 2 years now, and this guy was far from Ogoun. Ogoun is powerful, hardworking and has a very intense presence. This guy was a joker.

Ogoun is the one who ran me over with a train earlier in the week. He’s not exactly delicate.

“You are not he. What do you want?” I replied.

“I am. Of course I am.” Chuckling and waving his arms around like my belligerence was entertaining.

“Oh my darling girl” (I ain’t no one’s darling girl) “don’t you recognise your king when you see him?” more chuckling and an expectant look of acceptance. His air was that he wasn’t taking no for an answer and he clearly knew best.

Smug twat.

“I have no king.” Delivered with a look somewhere between disinterest and disdain. I then turned and started to leave the clearing. 

I walked back through the forest trying to figure out what that had all been about. I reached some rocks by the shore and then was like a camera panned out on the scene and I saw five arrows being shot from the trees and heading straight for my back. They were not small either.

Then the meditation cut to me being with the dolphins in the middle of the ocean wondering what the fuck was going on.


I came out of my meditation and knew instantly that this was a warning. I will cross paths with someone and this scene will play out. They will attempt to impress me and pass themselves off for something more than they are. I will reject them and they will stab me in the back – either with magick, words or actions.

Something to look forward to.

My Allies don’t just help me with the exorcisms or the house clearing, with my clairvoyance or helping others develop, they warn me of things that may cause a block in my path so I know it is coming. There is no way to avoid this situation occurring but I know how to behave when it does.

I will not be meek with my protection.

Again, I am humbled by my Lady’s help and willingness to shine a light where other’s may have just let me learn a lesson.

Love your Allies and they love you back.