It’s 11.37pm on Saturday night.

I have spent the day doing meanial tasks, a few Private Readings and a little planning before watching Galaxy Quest because…Alan Rickman.

It got to around 9.30pm and I started to feel a tingle but put it down to being paranoid after doing some research on some darker entities and sometimes it leaves a bit of a hangover. It’s not that someone is watching me, it’s like the air is different, not electric, just different. But again, I try to be logical about it (hilariously still a skeptic).

I settle the animals and get into bed with my mind wandering, trying to relax; Pit Bull to my left, two cats at my feet.

Then the room start’s to spin which for me indicates it’s something more than the Dead visiting. It turned out it was THE Dead visiting.

Out of the en suite walked Baron Samedi in his usual Victorian Mourning Suit – very sombre and all business.

Baron Samedi is a Lua from Vodou – he was the first man to die and be buried in a Cemetary so he rules the dead with his Wife Brijitte. His energy is that of death, sombriety and being proper. I do not joke with this man.

I work regularly with Papa Ghede who some view as as aspect of the Baron, others, a completely different entity. It’s complicated but it’s supposed to be – they need their secrets. Papa Ghede is the complete opposite of the Baron; all about sex, smut and humour. He’ll often turn up wearing a dress asking how long it’s been since I got laid.

The fact it was the Baron that had come was not good.

“This is happening so step forward.

They will come. They will visit and you need to be ready. Stop waiting.

They know your name.

Take great care.”

Holy fucking shit. “Take great care” was not a nice sign off, it was a warning.

For a guy that important to come and give me a warning means things will be changing in the morning with me getting my rituals up to scratch and my toolkit ready.

For those of you who ask me ‘aren’t you ever scared?’, have you SEEN Baron Samedi!?

And he’s my ally so can you imagine what my bloody enemies look like 😉