I was just sat there a few days ago, minding my buisness, four minutes into a Private Reading for one of my favourite Clients when I was told uncategorically that I had to turn all the lights off. I tried reasoning with them but nope, so paused the video whilst I complied but kept the candles going on my ancestral altar.

Ten minutes later, an old Ally of mine, who is linked to my Client, popped up and he was very, very serious. Dressed for battle with no room for pleasantries he showed me a scene.

In this scene saw the sky at night and then when my vision panned down it was like a big determined black wave of black (!?). Like a cross between a black sandstorm and a black Tsunami with pieces falling away and turning into individual beings.

Then I heard the shouting. I looked to my right and there were all of these men with shields and swords, some on horseback, some not.

They were running directly at the huge wave, all fear put to the back of their minds. They have to win, there is no other option.

Then my Ally turned to me and I understood. The darkness is here, it’s time. For some reason he mentioned that it wasn’t expected for another two years but now it’s time to rise and fight.

People are going to start waking up and waking up fast.


Fastforward two days, the night before the Mexican General Election, I felt it. I felt it bad.

I have only ever had this feeling once, whilst living in a tiny village on the coast of northern Scotland, and I put it down to the Wild Hunt, but it’s the wrong time of year so I cannot excuse it away.

I could feel things on the streets, multiple things.

I am currently looking after a dog and two cats, and for the first time since I arrived everyone was in for the night and actually sat nicely next to each other.

Anyone who has spent time in Mexico knows it is constantly loud, constantly noisey. However there were no dogs barking, no cars, nothing.

It was like time had stopped. I felt like we were being hunted.

I locked down the house both physically and energetically before not getting a lot of sleep that night.

The next evening- completely back to normal.

There are games afoot.