I found myself using military language in my every day conversations and kept smelling gun metal over the course of a week; I had no clue what was going on. I checked in with my Allies and literally heard crickets. (Thanks for the help 😉 )

I received a booking for a Private Reading from a lady who said she was feeling lost, nothing in her life was going right and she wanted some answers. As soon as I started reading this email a man dressed in military uniform filled the doorway.

He had been waiting.

I booked Joanne in for the following morning and had a quick conversation with the Marine to see if he could wait and he was more than happy to. I knew this one was going to be different.

I sat down the next day and he was there in an instant. After some investigating he showed me that he was actually attached to Joanne’s energy field and had been for over a decade…

Chuck had served in the Vietnam War and when he was discharged from the military he had huge problems adjusting to civilian life as many do. He suffered from severe PTSD and showed me a scene that kept playing over and over in his head like he was still there. He had done some horrific things in the name of his country.

It got to the stage where Chuck could’t cope with the guilt of what he had done and turned to drink to quieten down his mind and temporarily relieve his symptoms, which didn’t last. He had nothing and no one.

Three months after coming home he chose to wrap his car around a tree – when I say chose, it took him 3 days to deliberate on whether he could live like this. He couldn’t.

He remembers driving at the tree but not actually hitting it. He made sure he was sober when he commited suicide because he didn’t deserve to go easily.

The next thing he remembers is flitting in and out, and wandering some very grey streets. He came across a 12 year old girl who was sat on the kerb crying her little eyes out. She had just had an argument with someone and was talking about feeling alone all the time. Chuck could see this light coming from her, he wanted to help but was also curious about what this light was.

He approached her, went in to give her a hug, and that was it. He was living in her energy field. 

He thought he was helping her by keeping her company and protecting her. She gave him a renewed sense of purpose and after some time he grew to love her.

However, what he didn’t realise was that when you have an attachment you begin to share personality traits and the two seperate people begin to blend together. She remembers becaming depressed, aggressive, listless and just had no interests any more. Joanne had violent nightmares for over a decade that were very hard for her to stomach and they were his memories. 

Her parents sent her to a School Psychologist but this didn’t help Joanne, and actually made her feel like more of a failure as she couldn’t keep it together.

Fast forward to today and something in Chuck had clicked. He felt he was stopping her happiness and finding love. He didn’t want to leave but knew that he had to, he was willing to sacrifice himself so Joanne could be happy. 

When Chuck and I spoke he was willing to go to literally Hell for her, he thought that when I helped him cross over that was exactly where he was heading. That is how much he loved this girl.

After an hour counselling Chuck he was ready to leave Joanne and head to the next stage. He said a very tearful goodbye and I helped him to walk through the door.

The tears were streaming down his face the entire time.

Two weeks later I heard from Joanne and she was doing well. She said she wasn’t even sure who she was anymore or how she is going to react to things at the moment as she hasn’t just had her core personaility for over a decade. Joanne is now in the process of rebuilding her life but feels like a huge fog has lifted and can “see things properly”.

Chuck wasn’t a bad guy, he wanted to help Joanne, he just didn’t realise the consequences.


Not all attachments are the spirits of those that have died, they can be numerous things including thought forms, land spirits and other entities. It can happen through confusion, malciousness or simply vampiric reasons. They often need a place to live and sometimes that just happens to be you…