I regularly have people ask how you tell the difference between what your intuition is telling you and what your mind is telling you. Is it just wishful thinking? Maybe I’m justy being silly? There is no way my intuition would say that!?

So I came up with a few things that I found most useful when I began working with mine.

1. Treat your Intuition like a friend.

Often when we first begin to listen to our intuition we are a little rusty and in my mind, ideally, we should all be aiming to become as close to our intuition as animals are. The difference between us and a pygmy hippo is we think about every single thing. A lot. And as soon as our intuition pipes up and contradicts our  (hopefully) rational thought process we tell it to sit back down and glance at it with an untrusting eye.

You would never do this to a friend, you would hear them out no matter how radical – so give your intuition a name so you and ‘Jennifer’ can go figure out what you are supposed to do with your life.

A couple of years ago I became aware of an Orisha (Deity from Santeria) called Ori. Ori is a little hard to explain but he is similar to your Guardian Angel only he covers a lot more ground and he can help bring you closer to your intuition and higher self. In a reading I received he was basically telling me off (obviously) for not listening to him and that he wanted to build a relationship with me. I was more than happy with this and still venerate Ori today – it allows for me to directly offer candles, flowers and my love to my intuition and higher self via Ori. It brought me closer to myself and if I ever have an issue where I am unsure what to do – I chat to Ori, give him a glass of white white and wait.

He always helps break through the crap that’s standing between me and myself.

2. Let go of the outcome.

Emotions and attachments are the biggest enemies of intuition. 

If you have a decision to make you need to let go of any emotions regarding the outcome. Trying to listen to your intuition in an environment full of expectations is like asking a dog which out of two people they like best and one has a sausage in their pocket.

Do I take this job that pays a million bucks or this one that is a dream but pays next to nothing? You need to take a deep breath and detach from having all that money or finally working at your dream job before you can clearly hear what your intuition is saying about it.

Your heart is not your intuition, your soul is.

3. No Judgements

Your intuition is going to tell you that people you love are bad for you, that you shouldn’t get in that lift with those people because something feels off, or that you have to cancel those plans. When this happens you have to not roll your eyes at your newly named intuition and tell her she is being silly because she isn’t.

The more you begin to listen to your intuition the more weird people are going to think you are because you actually start doing what you want to do and what feels right rather than what you feel obliged to do.

They will wish they had the balls.

You will need to cast aside your own judgements on what your intuition is telling you and the judgements of others. “Silver he hasn’t done anything wrong. Why can’t you just like him?” Two weeks later he’s hitting on her Sister (what a fuckface) and my friend is telling me she thought something was off but…

And with friends in the dating world we hear that all the time, intuition was screaming but they were not willing to listen as didn’t want to appear paranoid or rude.

Just be fucking rude. At least that’s less dates to go on 😉

4. Give it a language

My intuition and I have an arrangement. If I am in a place where I cannot hear it due to a shift or an episode of depression/anxiety I have asked that it shows me what to do through numerology or the natural world.

When I am not in my kind-of balanced state I do not trust anything coming from within me; intuition, thoughts or whatever. Whereas seeing the same number sequence 3 times in a day or if a hawk comes and sits on my window sill for the first time ever, I can’t really ignore it.

That is my version of my intuition giving me a much needed punch in the face.

5. Your world is too busy

Just stop. Forget work, the kids, the cats, your Mum and your phone. Just stop.

All our worlds are too busy. If you want to make it easier to hear your intuition turn off all screens, put everything on silent and read a flipping book. Or potter in the garden. Or make some random bracelets out of macaroni. 

The time I find my intuition easiest to hear is when I am keeping my mind and body focused on a very simple task. It seems to allow my intuition a little room to breathe and it doesn’t have to compete with the noise of my thoughts because whilst making that bracelet I am not thinking one single thing.

With all the media clawing for our attention all the time, it’s no wonder we have stopped listening to ourselves.

6. Be with Nature

Don’t just leg it to the woods and think. I need you to leg it to the woods and be mindful with your thoughts. Focus on the trees, the green of the leaves and the smell of the wet pine needles. Don’t try and solve anything, just be there surrounded by all the plant and tree spirits who are friends just waiting for you to notice them.

Being aware whilst in nature will also help you ground your energy. Ground like a mofo as it helps centre yourself and calm your thoughts. Everything is put back into alignment and your whole body and vibration relaxes meaning your intuition can come to the forefront again.

Click Here to watch a video on Grounding

7. Learn your physical symptoms

This bad boy is my favourite. If a person is a wrong-un or has a negative attachment my heckles go up and I get hot. If I am holding back something from someone that needs to be said I will get a sore throat. If someone is taking more from me than giving, then I get tired and grumpy.

Your physical body is simply another language that your intuition uses to communicate and it just takes a little time to figure out what means what and then the world is your oyster.

I know your intuition is linked to your Solar Plexus Chakra which is obviously located at your solar plexus but if I had to give my intuition a home it would be coiled around my womb. When myself and my intuition align, that is where I feel it.


When you first start working with your intuition it is very subtle because you aren’t used to ‘hearing’ it. It’s almost like it needs to trust you to listen because it’s been screaming at you for years and you pretty much shoved it in the corner. Once you get rolling with it, it almost comes much more to the forefront of who you are.

You will catch yourself saying ‘I feel…’ rather than ‘I think…’ and it’s almost like having a best friend who is constantly there (and who you don’t have to share cake with). You feel more secure in who you are and your decsions, and you stop letting people think they know what’s best for you.

Because they fucking don’t. You and your intuition do.

The dream team.